Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wittering away...

Currant bun came back! Mr.Lane declared an away day...and so it was we found ourselves wending along the South Downs this past weekend. To my mind the South Downs look like a succession of partially buried tennis balls, all in different phases of sun~bleached greens and yellows stretching away into the pleases me, this thought.

All those repeating green waves of hills and valleys, flowing and undulating, sweeping, epic, rising and falling, makes you want to grab a brush and paint with the entire arc of your arm.Ah tricky when you're driving of course and so many brilliant depictions of the Downs already exist...
South Downs Poster c.1946 by Walter E Spardbery for Southern Railway
A luminous woodcut of the South Downs by Edward Loxton Knight
Alan TYERS - The Long Man at Wilmington, The South Downs
The Long Man at Wilmington by Alan Tyers
THE WILMINGTON GIANT, 1939, watercolour, 44.7 x 53.7 cm, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
an earlier version of The Long Man at Wilmington by the great Eric Ravilious, painted as we approached the  Second World War.
Your Britain (South Downs) Frank Newbould...
...such an iconic swathe of English Countryside, I bathe in it's familiarity and timelessness, Downs to my right and glimpses of sparkling sea to my left...ah, yes the seaside.

There is something about seaside places...kitsch becomes appropriate, colour takes on another dimension in short all is saturated...especially the catch of the day...where would we be without "Fish & Chips" and the King...cottage gardens bursting with old fashioned blooms, gaudy perfection. Seaside pubs, endless horizons, driftwood sculptural, hinting at an imagined form, wet dog, sandy dog, happy dog. Boat motifs and best of all these things?
 Mr.Lane! Step forward the true, the real, Mr.Lane. I saw happiness and contentment in his face...I had almost forgotten it, that look. Standing in the footprints of his Dad and his Dad before him, I could picture them, all three, standing alongside one another, shoulder to shoulder in this much favoured place. There is history here for us and that line of continuity is strengthening and nourishing in the face of great turmoil. Tears fell, so great my relief at this glimpse of my beautiful boy...

We were visiting Pagham (check out the life boat station!), West Wittering and Itchenor in East Sussex.

 Hope you are enjoying the return of  "the bun!"
Sarah -x-
...oh and a note from the wettest, sandiest, happiest hound in all of Sussex...
"Olympic training is going well, aiming to equal Micheal Phelps 8 gold medals, so far I have managed channel swims on four beaches and counting, must dash as I find myself with a rather sandy tongue and I have just spotted an exotic looking piece of seaweed..."


  1. What a wonderful day out you all had! I love the way your photo is so in tune with those wonderful pictures of the South Downs.
    There is nothing better than ending the day on a beach with fish and chips and a dog!
    Sarah x

  2. What a beautiful post, beautiful pictures, and beautiful words!!!

  3. I really enjoyed sharing your day out, the best things in the world, beach, fish and chips, a walk and a dog oh and a bit of sunshine! just perfect jayne x

  4. I think that.... I want to be like you! =] I thought for a moment that I want to BE you (you get to live in England and visit the downs and the seaside) - but I like me! ;) Thing is - you're wonderful!!! =D Where else could a post like this come from? Quirky and different, sweet and true.... just lovely!


  5. We are in Newquay now, making the most of the sun. The countryside drive was just spectacular :)

  6. joyous dearest S-J, you made me cry
    Mr Lane and Mr Boodle must have both been so happy!
    sea air to blow the cobwebs away?
    and a bit of 'bun' to top it off
    I love Eric Ravilious' work, wish I had bid on that Wedgwood crockery that time at auction (but really what would I have done with it- shove it in a cupboard? oh yes I have no cupboards...)

  7. you are so cute...looks like you are keeping busy this summer. Thanks for sharing you beautiful photos. xoxo Hugs

  8. Beautiful, beautiful words Sarah - it's so lovely to witness these small pleasures....I hope currant bun is here to stay.

    Nina x

  9. West Wittering is my most favourite place in the whole world. I started going there as a child with my Mum and Dad and have spent many many happy days - Summer and Winter! Nothing like a bracing walk along East Head Beach on a cold blustery day! Lovely to hear others enjoying it too!

  10. beautiful as always Sarah...what a joyous way to spend some time...fee x

  11. Anonymous30 July, 2012

    now this is like a travel piece - it makes me want to go there too.
    Especially to see the long man and maybe hound's long sandy tounge.

  12. Oh what lovely images! I'll be experiencing it all for myself soon. My in-laws are near Battle, and we'll be down for a visit soon. We often pass The Long Man on the way to a pub lunch. A beautiful part of England, that's for sure.
    Paula x


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