Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I've seen THE light!

Yes the light cast by an Olympic flame no less!

It was brilliant! Woo~hoo, so looking forward to THE GAMES!


  1. Oh, I've seen the torch.... when the games were in LA. So moving!!! =]

  2. Woo hoo for you!!!Is that Tunbridge Wells? Looks a bit like the Pantiles in places (Duke of York pub??), and I know it was heading that way yesterday.
    Couldnt make that but saw Kelly Holmes at Tonbridge Castle with the torch supposedly on its lunch break yesterday - they closed off the High Street!!
    Gill xx

    1. Yes, the was really fun, jazz band and all be-decked in bunting, not forgetting the English eccentric dressed from head to toe in Union Jack attire...Mr.Lane wanted to see Dame kelly...I'll tell him you made it...
      Sarah -x-

  3. It caused great excitement for us too! Another excuse to wave our flags! xxxxx

  4. We found it quite exciting last week when it was in Dorset too although we had the rain, it looks so much bright and cheerful in the Pantiles! I found it quite difficult taking a picture as the torch went by so quickly!
    It was lovely to see photos of the Pantiles too, used to go shopping in Tunbridge Wells on Saturdays when at school.
    Sarah x

  5. Hi Sarah, glad saw the Olympic torch, I recently posted about the torch coming to our part of the world. Happy week. Sharon :)

  6. I saw it in St Albans - it was surprisingly moving

  7. Glad you had fun, I saw it when it was in Sydney in 2000.

  8. Yay! The Olympics are such an exciting time - I remember when they were held here in Sydney, there was such a wonderful vibe, I loved it.

  9. Looks lovely! I adore all the bunting and the way people have really joined in. x

  10. Oh it looks SO lovely! A VERY exciting time - can't wait!
    Paula x

  11. We're going to see it today! Can't wait! Hoping for a ray of sunshine :)

  12. WOWOWOW! What fun. And it all looks so festive and joyful.

    Thanks for this dear!


  13. Love this!! It looks like a fabulous party all over the whole country. So wish I was there – but two of my husband's nephews will be representing us. :) Have a marvelous time! – g


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