Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jekyll and Hyde...

...of interiors, that's me. Lurching from a life long love of colour, print and pattern to the soft elusive world of whites, greys and neutrals. This can be evidenced by a quick perusal of my pinterest boards Down the Lane and Naturally. ( If I was asked to describe myself in an interview, this would be my reference I think.)

So having paced around this house for just over a year now, musing, planning, changing my mind with alarming regularity it is time to begin...choosing fabric and colours.
this is Rosemary Russet by Sam Pickard...I simply adore it. Everything, the ink drawn lines, the hand-drawn quality, the scale, the printed weave effect and the colours are sublime...this is my number one choice for my bedroom...modern rustic is definitely the way forward. Sam's drawing is fantastic she has a wonderful blog where she captures seasonal flora and fauna in her "colours of the season" posts have a look here
Sam will be exhibiting at the Cornwall Design Fair in August.

Then, I also have this ongoing fascination with all things Rosemary Milner...lovely rendering of  flora and fauna in great colourways...

I am especially besotted with her wallpaper, again that hand-drawn feel appeals.
I am also very fond of St.Judes fabrics, this one by Mark Hearld.

Hmm, back to flicking through favourite images...from my pinterest boards AW Home and SS Home


My Bohemian HomeĀ 
lovely floral
Catherine Gratwicke photography Book One

Oh bother...back to dithering...I'll keep pacing and thinking!


  1. arrggh!
    how to choose!
    once you get the ball rolling it will all come together
    it's just the 'blank canvas' chestnut
    all lovely and i can't wait to see what you decide on

    1. Thanks Pen ~ I could do with an injection of Cottage Industry now that I think about it...Welsh tapestry cushions, sheepskins...hmmm patchwork blanket quilts...and floral cushions beautifully crafted by yours truly...time I visited...need to tickle Jethro too...
      S-j DTL -x-x-x-

  2. It's always such a pleasure reading your inspirational blog Sarah (thank you!) - Sam x

  3. Beautiful blog.. great pix. Lizzie

  4. Another big fan of St. Jude's here :D You'll get there, it's so sensible to take your time and know it's right.

  5. I am in no position to offer anyone advice on choosing, I am the worlds worst at making a decision and will change my mind hourly. If its any consolation you do have fantastic taste!

  6. I had to chuckle when I read that you fluctuate between color and neutrals. I can certainly relate!
    Love your blog

  7. Ooh, what lovely photos! I think the house dictates to some extent, too. I love natural neutrals but our dark, French interior usually forces me to go for my bright, more floral side - if I try a bit of neutral it just looks depressing. Therefore I keep all the walls plain and jazz everything up with fabric, cushions and vintage finds to suit my current mood. Your fabric choice for the bedroom is wonderful!

  8. I am EXACTLY the same. I swing from cosy country chintz and colour to French linens and all things painted and pale. I think that I have made a decorating decision, and then I see a magazine or blog and fall in love with something completely different. I'm going to have admit defeat and realise that I simply have 'eclectic' tastes - either that or invent a new decorating does "Gustavian inspired English country house French" sound?
    Paula x
    p.s. The hand printed wallpaper by Rosemary Milner is absolutely stunning. Lovely picture all round. x

  9. so sweet and romantic and vintage love it
    greetings leon10


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