Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New balls please!

Phew, that was some roller~coaster of a weekend! 
I have decided it was all about 'balls"...floral balls, tennis balls, cricket balls, footballs, ice~cream scoop balls oh, and having one...a proverbial "ball"that is!
The only thing that wasn't really playing "ball" was the weather...so we stuck two fingers up to those miserable weather gods and decorated the barn with bunting and flowers! Whilst some of our cricket and rounders matches were rain delayed we managed to complete them and happily both Mr Lane and I both won...albeit we were on opposing teams...too many sherberts?
1.  I am very happy as tea wallah! 
2. I am considering touring the summer festivals in a tea van such as this one! 
3. I need to grow a pair ( yep. we are back to balls!) I couldn't bear to see Andy lose and hid behind a cushion. 
4. Oasis balls are King. 
5. Andy doesn't need to grow a pair,  he has a huge heart and it must be so hard to take all the criticism he has and still "leave it all on the court" as Mr Lane would say. 
I say, to be standing in the shadow of another man's song is a dark place when you know you can sing brilliantly too...
 A week to recover me thinks...until next year Andy, when we get to do it all again!


  1. Sunday was such a horribly hard game to watch. Especially for my daughter.
    First, we lived in England, and she was educated there. We belonged to the village tennis club, where she competed on the village team.
    Second, she lived and worked in Switzerland for 5 years. She has been a HUGE fan of Roger Federer for such a long time, and hoping he would tie her other long time hero, Pete Sampras.
    She was in such turmoil and distress watching the match. I really felt sorry for her.
    The only consolation is that Andy is young and he will surely sin next year.

  2. I just can't warm to Andy Murray I'm afraid and after the excitement of the men's doubles game on Saturday i was not bothered about the game on Sunday to be honest.
    But this post is lovely with lots of lovely balls! I think the barn looks great and would come over for tea anytime!

  3. That's a lot of balls you've got going on there....snigger behind the back of my hand.

    Nina x

  4. What a fantastic post, those images were lovely I adore hydrangeas, and I agree with you about Andy. It was excruiciating at times to watch but I saw another side to him when he had to chat to Sue Barker, it was very moving. As you say, here's to next year. jayne x

  5. Could you hear me laughing across the pond??

    Love and loved this,


  6. Those flower ball are just fantacic love them. It would be a fun way to see the country and meet all the people by being a tea lady.

  7. I was in tears watching him give that speech at the end. I really warmed to him so much more. Lets hope he does it one day. Your pictures are lovely today. Those flowers are beautiful. Fiona

  8. is it sad that I am wishing I was your friend and lived close enough to come and play in your barn.....?

  9. I love a good game of rounders. Your flowers look so pretty.
    Glad a good time was had by all, despite the rain.
    Lisa x

  10. Lovely floral photos, glad you had a good time.
    Murray was outclassed by Federer, always another year though.
    There was a British Champion at Wimbledon but you wouldn't think it from media coverage - well done to Jonny Marray http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/jul/13/jonny-marray-wimbledon-doubles-winner?newsfeed=true
    Hope you are enjoying this weekend too.
    Carol xx


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