Sunday 15 April 2012

Enjoy the show...

As of late I have found myself drawn to, and captivated by, so many of your blogs and Pinterest boards, I find myself dallying a consequence my own postings have dwindled, this I must put right! The thing that captures me most is when I discover a new site and  feel the truth of it's author~creator shining through the words and pictures...what a joy! More of this later...

When last we spoke I was heading West...and so we have tarried in Devon with Magpie* and Cornwall with MIL** and camelias galore...then Easter arrived with a chocolate flourish and beautiful pictures from the Faraways***
*Magpie = Mum, **MIL = Mother in Law, ***Faraways = Brother, Sister-in-law and Babies in Melbourne

by me
One of the highlights of all this merriment was a much anticipated visit to the Cornwall Garden Societies' 100th Spring Flower Show. MIL has raved about it and promised we would go together this year. Held in the grounds at the Boconnoc Estate, this garden show is like nothing else on earth! The Entire stable block devoted to specimen daffodils, single stem, set out in identical little green after room of speicimen camelias and helebores...wowzers, it was heaven and all so very "Cornish!" The Telegraph described it as the "Little Chelsea" of the West last weekend...hmmm, I think it has much more heart.
From my perch I have spotted, walking down the Lane toward me with her Jack Russel, The Lovely Old Lady. I often see her from up here ~ I like her, although we have never met...She wears a plain dark grey, single breasted, knee length mac, and sturdy brogues.On top she wears a bright red beret, wisps of white hair billow around her face in the wind. I like her, Jack Russel trots jauntily along beside her, face turned up looking at her, metronomical tail wagging and yes always looking up at her...that's why I know I like her so much. Dogs are never wrong.
Sorry to digress...back to where we started, one of the captivating blogs I mentioned is called Beautifully, Suddenly. I was initially drawn to this blog as I noticed Natasha had visited some of my very favourite places like Lavendula, (see below) and Cliffys in Daylesford. Her pictures are gorgeous...and then I began to read...and fell in love with her writing too. If you have time read this post, The Day Everyting is so beautiful...
by me
so you see why I have been dallying! Anyhoo ~ I am looking forward to catching up with all of you so I am off to read what you've been up to!



  1. Hi Sarah, oh I would SO have enjoyed that show. I know exactly what you mean about that one having 'heart' compared to Chelsea. Wonderful photos,Hellebores are a particular favourite of mine.
    Love the description of the lady with her dog, a picture of happiness.
    I'm avoiding Pinterest, I think I wouldspend far too much time on there but I will follow your links, thank you. Yes, there are so many wonderful places to "go" and people to "meet" in blogland.
    Carol xx

  2. Welcome back! The spring flower show looks amazing,those spring flowers are so beautiful especially your pink collage. Was there a wonderful smell too?
    I also loved the writing and pictures and story of love on Beautiful suddenly.
    Sarah x

  3. too long since I've been over hear to read your lovely words and soak up your photos. Glad you've been having fun...and too afraid to pop over to any more new blogs as I am already struggling with enough hours in the day! (I've made a note though - and totally trust your recommendation!)
    happy new week
    fee x

  4. I always look to my Jack Russell,Rosie for advice
    and she can give tips on horse racing too!
    Oh that flower show is what I would love do not like huge Garden shows, small and homely please!

    Anyway lovely post!

    Best wishes


  5. Hello there. Glad to see you had lots of fun whilst you were away. I bet the scent from all those daffodils was very heady.
    Shall pop over and see the blog you recommend.
    Lisa x

  6. your blog is the measure of my dreams . i have checked in many many times .i dont have the gift of words so write very little on mine .yours fills me with colour and passion .thank you hesta

  7. I am so jealous....daffodils are my favourite flowers I would love to see the display! A lovely post, thank you dor sharing.

  8. Oh I so love how you do your blog post all your lovely photos and the way you wright. I enjoy reading what you have been up to.

  9. A Flower Show in Cornwall, what a lucky girl you are!

  10. Loving all those cheery daffodils. Glad you had a super time down west!
    Kate xx

  11. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for the link back :) The Spring flower show looks just amazing and your photographs are lovely - I would go crazy with my camera there! Nice to see so many beautiful flowers, too, as we are heading towards Winter here ...

  12. hi Sarah,

    Daffodils are amongst my very favourite flowers.
    Im especially fond of the varieties with the paler outer petals and the more yellowish orange trumpets.

    One of my favourite memories is romping through daffodil laden fields with my sister when we were children. We would sometimes pick bunches of them and go door to door selling them.
    Very entreprenurial back then!

    There was one particular daffodil field that was alongside a trout stream - one of my dad's favourite spots, a very keen trout fisherman.

    Anyways, Im off to check out Beautifully, suddenly.
    Miss Izzy is barking hello to you. Very noisy she is this morning.


  13. The Flower Show looks wonderful, all those fabulous daffodils! It's easy to get sidetracked when reading blogs - one leads to another then to another doesn't it? I need to do a post on my blog too but there's so much else to do as well at this time of year

  14. That reminds me of a song 'my old man said follow the van and don't get lost along the way......' is that some of it 'oh' I can't remember - so long ago and lost somewhere in my past.

    Hello missus - did I thank you for my birthday card? If not thank you so much - it was beautiful and a huge (lovely) surprise.

    Have fun dallying

    Nina xxxx

  15. oh, how beautiful! i LOVE cornwall!

  16. Hello Sarah, I've had a lovely visit to your blog.

    How wonderful to visit the Spring flower show with you MIL.
    A room full of different Daffodils , it looks breathtakingly beautiful and I do love Hellebores.

    Easter in Devon and Cornwall, could it get any better?....

    I love Cliffy's and on my next visit to Daylesford I intend to sit in the window seat and while away some time with coffee, crochet and cake and watch the world go by .

    ♥♥ Daylesford...

    I'm off to visit Beautifully, Suddenly, bye for now...

    Claire :}

  17. Love your story and your superb pictures, Sarah. I wrote a story recently about a travel I did across the English gardens and your story brought back marvellous memories.

    A big MERCI from Paris.

    Francisca Mattéoli

  18. Thank you for your comment on my blog Sarah,

    You asked about my cricket picture. Well, it was the last day of my English trip and that moment made me think about life in general.
    The young players were just enjoying the moment. They seemed so carefree. I was watching. There was the fantastic decor (it was at Blenheim Palace), the warm sun... I suddenly thought about a time when I was their age and my future was uncertain - when I arrived from Chile (my country) to France - and looking at the players so happy and the beautiful place, I thought how important it is to enjoy moments of harmony when they are there.

    Voilà. It was one of my "life" travel stories. I'll have very soon a much better summary in English on my blog ! Cheers,

    Francisca Mattéoli

  19. Gorgeous photos! I went once, it is a great photo taking opportunity!

    Beautifully Suddenly blog was rather disappointing though. Sorry. She sounds neurotic!!! Glad I'm not D.

  20. Well, Missy Sarah-Jane....

    There are almost exactly two months of missed posts, here, that I haven't read! erp! =/ First, I was toodling hither and yon with my mom and sister for a month, then, they left and the sun came out and I've been in my garden ever since. I've been taking quick peeks at my Blog dashboard (on exhausted tea breaks) and have seen such tantalizing (and so many gardeny) posts from you and I've been hoarding them. And, this morning, first off, I'm not disappointed! Oh, to grow hellebore like that!!! Oh, to grow Hellebore....=/ I've just seen that my seeds have shipped from Thompson and Morgan.... next year! What perfect timing on the inspiration scene!

    The flower show looks so sweet! Fun things like this must happen in VT, somewhere! There must be some beautiful garden to visit - there MUST be! In the meantime, I think there's no gardener like and 'English Gardener'. I'm rambling! (but sincerely feel it. =])

    So! This is all so fun to see! and, speaking of great minds.... I discovered "Beautifully Suddenly" just this past week - such beautiful mood and inspiration! What a funny coincidence!

    I love your story about the lady with the red beret and gray hair flying out and her adoring Jack Russell!!!!

    Alright! If I comment like this on every post, I'll never get through and I still have garden borders being dug and seeds to plant and flowers to move around!



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