Monday 23 April 2012

Giant Liverpudlian Fairytale

Words are sometimes completely inadequate...such an amazing spectacle has been unfolding on the streets of Liverpool this weekend courtesy of the street theatre company Royal Deluxe.
 Giant puppets, so expressive and the scale just draw dropping.
I have been totally charmed be these giant marionettes and humbled by the ambition of staging such a magnifiicent event, Wow!
Find out more at BBC Liverpool



  1. Hi Sarah, I saw a snippet on tv, but must have been fantastic to see the whole story played out ... very impressive xx

  2. oh my!
    that is freakin' amazing!!

    (I miss you when you away on holiday....)

  3. I saw photos on another blog, what a great thing.

  4. As a Liverpool girl now living in France I am very proud of my city putting on such a wonderful event which will have touched so many people.
    Now I live only two hours from Nantes where the puppets are made I have even more reason to be proud.
    Thank you for showing it on your blog - we'll be watching the tv on Wednesday night.

    Diane. x

  5. That is just amazing! My kids would just love to see that.Well done Liverpool.

    Have a good Monday


  6. We saw these on TV last night and were completely amazed by them! Would be great to see them up close. :0)

  7. It must have been fantastic to actually see them. My favourite was the dog:)

  8. I watched a bit of this on the news, but the puppets hadn't actually met up at that point. I found it actually quite emotional to watch, and I'd have loved to have seen the end. I loved the dog too!

    1. Yep - me too - I found myself very teary eyed!

  9. Incredible wasn't it. We're not too far from Liverpool and had hoped to make it there to see the spectacle for ourselves, but sadly didn't make it.

    Do you know, I swear that dog has whippet in it ;D

  10. That looks absolutely incredible!


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