Monday 19 March 2012

Spring greens

 produce...peacockandlotus via bohemianwornest.tumblr
...the grass is growing...soon the sheep and cows will be back in our fields grazing the sweet green shoots. I am busy planning the new vegetable patch, hopefully it will be rotavated this week. I am also studying the hedgerows closely, buds are almost ready to burst but as yet no sign of my favourite cow parsley...soon though...
   obsessing about my Green and Pleasant Land Pin Board!
Love Sarah 

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  1. Oh...I don't know how I found your little lane, but I did and I'm so happy! Love it here, so I'm following along!

  2. Ha-ha, I thought that was you with the goat at first.

    I think we are all chomping at the bit for spring to really get going now. You are right, just a few weeks and that cow parsley will be frothing up our hedgerows. Wonderful.

  3. I'm currently knitting with a lovely spring green cotton yarn, you can see it at

    Fleur xx

  4. And breath.....!

    It's starting to look and feel so full of promise as the Spring days roll on and the sea has smelt positively fresh today - it's been gorgeous. Hope you've had some sun today too?

    Nina xxx

  5. oh how I love cow parsley along country lanes. I could just hope over the gate in that last photo and get lost :) Catherine x

  6. I love cow parsley all frothy and light!

    Hope you are all well down your lane

    Best wishes


  7. Sounds good. It's such a hopeful time of year isn't it?!
    Hope the sun shines again tomorrow x

  8. glad to see you are planning your cow parsley picking wardrobe!

  9. Some great photos here, I love the first one especially - it looks like the entrance to fairyland! The cow parsley ( I call it Queen Anne's Lace) is coming through all over the place but it will be a while yet until we see the flowers. It's one of many beautiful things to look forward to now that Spring is here.

  10. Awwww- your site is so pretty! Fabulous choice of images. The combination of seeing such pretty pictures and the sun shining in Norfolk today, I can't help but keep smiling - I LOVE Springtime!

  11. What a great collection of images... I just love the first, my sort of Heavenly Garden. I just adore spring! thanks for posting.

    1. You are more than welcome Green orchid, always happy when you're happy!

  12. Oh how I love Spring. It's full of new beginnings isn't it?! Such lovely photos to make me dream of my favorite season. I hope you plan on showing us your lovely garden.

  13. Autumn here - green will be fading, red and brown arriving.


  14. Dear Sarah,

    Wow, the gentle greens and the lovely photos. I enjoyed this visit and hope you are well and happy.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  15. Oooh love the girl with goat photo - that'll be me soon (we have a lovely wether (neautered billy) and two girl kids on their way!)


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