Wednesday 14 March 2012

In my kitchen...

...I am busy savouring a year in Skye's. 
Post the Petersham lunch experience and with Spring unfurling all around me here Down the Lane, I am cooking cooking cooking fresh, light and healthy food...finding Skye's toolbox of herbs and dressings inspirational...

and enjoying spring flowers, in jugs and jam jars and tea-cups!
 Boodle is showing you a sweet little painting my friend Virginia painted as a gift tag - she has some lovely new floral paintings, have a look here.
I took the photo of all those buckets of flowers outside Liberty last week...stunning!

So what's cooking in your kitchen?


  1. Lovely photos. What's cooking in my kitchen? Well, last night it was a very wintry plate of toad-in-the-hole with onion gravy to go with the grey day! M

    1. LOVE toad! Trouble is my batter is a weird beast, occaisionally a triumph but mostly a flop!!!

  2. Oh Wowsa Sarah - it looks like Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods. I'm loving the heady smell of hyacinths at the moment. Can't wait to see your orchard.

    Nina xxx

    ps. the smallest one has just commented on the picture of the little girl in your sidebar 'she looks really pretty mummy!'

    1. Little Boo - I happen to know that you are a very pretty little Boo indeed! Sssssh, the secret is that's me when I was a tiny bit older than you with my favourite see-through umbrella! Tee hee!
      Love Sarah -x-x-x-

  3. Such beautiful tulips :D

  4. Oooo! it sounds like you're having fun getting out and about, enjoying life and breathing deep! =] I have a cookbook that goes through the seasons - although, it doesn't always make perfectly, strict, seasonal sense. I just got watercress for fried mushroom and watercress sandwiches - with a mug of strong tea because that silly cookbook has completely convinced me that it should be a spring tradition. =]

    Your cookbook looks *wonderfully* inviting (although, I'm shamelessly judging the book by it's cover.)

    Happy Spring! =]

    Katy xo

  5. Love your flower pic's, so full of beauty I can almost smell their scent!
    Thea x

  6. Looks like spring in your part of the world has come, such pretty flowers. Mexican for dinner.

  7. Flowers in teacups are my absolute favourite. i'm off to town today so I shall go to the market and see what flowers I can get - although it's possibly the wrong day of the year for that!

    I need a kick up the behind regards food, so lazy at the moment. Lost my cooking mojo big time! A trip to the library I think for a new cook book.
    Sam x

  8. Hi Sarah Jane,
    Not too much that's interesting cooking in my kitchen at the mo' I'm afraid.

    Im trying to be all healthy, but seems the more I think about it, the less healthy I am.

    Although, I did make a beautiful sourdough chocolate cake the other day, and I know it probably sounds awful as its made from wholemeal flour and is a health recipe, but,

    It has to be the lightest, airest cake I've had.
    My daughter said it tasted like a chocolate smoothie (thick milkshake), only in a cake form.

    And I made some sprouted wheat muffins. Also very light and lovely.

    Thankyou for sharing your, as usual, beautiful photographs with us.



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