Friday, 16 March 2012

pattern repeat

As Mother's Day approaches I wanted to celebrate the line of women who came before me...Great Granny, Granny and Magpie...I am the last link in this chain.

..."Thou art thy mothers glass, and she in thee calls back the lovely April of her prime."
William Shakespeare

I have been told many times, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...and so for my love of life, laughter, flowers, colour, print, cookery, fur and feather....and my goodness this love of ditsy prints is woven through us all!
I say to all these amazing women

we are woven from the same cloth
My childhood is a patchwork of happy memories and whilst like most we had our share of hardships these women brought stories, and tea-parties, knitted teddies, fairy cakes, paper flowers, picnics and above all love and joy...I shall always be grateful for my Magpie and her Mother and they are me and I am them!
 Happy Mothers Day


  1. How lovely! I wasn't very close to my grandmothers, so I love it when I see our kids forming close ties with their grandmas. Xx

  2. Awwwwww - that is so lovely.

    I always wondered if I would be the last in my line, but with two very girlie little ones becoming extremely excited about all the goodies they have made me for Sunday I can't help wonder how I managed it - being not very girlie myself that is.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

    Nina xxxxx

    ps. both the smallest Boo and I went 'aaahhhhhhh' - I thought she looked familiar. Such a lovely picture. N xxxx

  3. Love those photos. Love this post!
    Have a great weekend.
    Kate xx

  4. What a lovely post!

  5. Beautiful post for Mothers Day.
    Sarah x

  6. Beautiful.... have a lovely day on Sunday!

    Lou xxx

  7. Ah, Missy Sarah-Jane, what a sweet and tender post!


  8. Have a lovely day with your mum.

  9. Lovely post. I know just what you mean - mum, gran and I were very close and alike but they, alas, are now gone and I have no daughters so am the last of the line.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


  10. A really lovely post Sarah Jayne.
    Lisa x

  11. Lovely post.
    Happy for those who can spend tomorrow with their Mothers.
    Carol xx

  12. What a great post, and a wonderful tribute to all those mums :D

  13. Bruce syas thankyou for the message, he is sleeping off the huge work it was to write that post.

    Mother's day must be different in the US. Here itis the first Sunday in May.

  14. What a delightfully sweet post my friend...when is your mother's Day? Ours is not tell May.
    I love the darling prints that you used.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments that you left me the other day...what a blessing you are to me. xoxoxo

  15. What a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day.

    Fleur xx

  16. What a lovely post ... lovely words. M x


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