Saturday 3 March 2012

Petersham Nurseries

 Just like Itchycoo "it's all too beautiful".
By rights I ought to be launching into an Oscar style acceptance speech at this point...I would like to take this opportunity to thank...
but, in truth I am devoting this entire post to the lovely that is Ludo...
Thank you for taking me to Petersham Nurseries it is just as heavenly as I hoped 
Sorry, I just can't help myself...
I would like to thank the best friends and family anyone could hope for and then find that they are real!
So much to be grateful for, so many kindnesses...lunches, flowers, videos, surprise boxes!
and all of you that took the time to leave me Birthday wishes here...
You're all very Itchycoo too!


If you are interested in reading about or seeing more of the delightful Petersham Nurseries you could check out this and this or this or finally my favourite this as it is so beautifully shot and atmospheric.

Oh, why yes we did eat! It was amazing - we began with rose petal and rose syrup prosecco, followed by Roasted beetroot with goats curd and the most fragrant olive oil infused herb dressing, then on to pan fried scallops, winter tomatoes and leaves with horseraddish cream. We ended on a high with chocolate tart and creme fraiche. Sounds ridiculous but the chocolate was sooooo rich the creme fraiche was heavenly. 


  1. What a lovely post! I would have loved to have gone there...

    A belated Happy Birthday! X

  2. We love the color of your photos. They look warm and welcoming. :)

  3. P. S. Who is the doctor? Is this a T.V. show?

  4. amazing
    you must have thought you were in heaven!
    did you eat there too??
    happy birthday dearest s-j, after this one can they ever compare in the future?!

  5. better than your local B&Q garden centre!

  6. it's been too long since i last went there, after seeing your gorgeous snaps, i need to go back! now. hehe! x

  7. Wow what a garden centre your photos are amazing and what a wonderful place to celebrate your birthday!
    It will definitely be going on my list of places I must visit.

  8. Such wonderful pictures and my mouth is watering !! We have some very nice garden centres around here (Norfolk Broads)but nothing as fabulous as this.

  9. What a delightful collection of photos. Just incredibly beautiful. Glad you had such a wonderful time in such a wonderful place.
    Lisa x

  10. What a lovely place. Thank you for the tour around, it makes up for being stuck in on a cold Sunday. Brrrr! I can't wait to get back garden center visiting.

    Sam x

  11. Lucky you going there, that is way up near the top of my list and I have all of Skye's books, which I love.
    So pleased you had a great time!
    Kate x

  12. Gosh wot an amazing place...

  13. Is that place for real!!!!

    I want to go there - and I want to go NOW.

    Well, you certainly did get 4 times worth didnt you? How beautiful. How perfect. How delicious. (do you know how much I love roasted beetroot, not to mention goat curd and chocolate cake....)


  14. I would rather go to this nursery that you showed us than Buckingham Palace.
    Belated happy birthday to you!

  15. What a great place, and it sounds like you had a great time, and such a delicious meal, and shouldn't all birthdays come hand in hand with one of those!

  16. First off...happy real birthday...hope it was amazing!
    And what a pretty spot...oh I can see why you wanted to show us...pure joy. I am craving flowers and sunshine...hugs to you my sweet friend. xoxox

  17. Oh my oh my oh my - does this place really exist? It looks like heaven! And a very belated Happy Birthday to you - how wonderfully interesting have been born on a leap you count the years as per usual, or just every four years...?

  18. Love that place! Want to go again


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