Thursday 24 November 2011

Midwinter Fair

Such a lovely morning spent visiting the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair held in the walled garden at Bedgebury Pinetum.

Can you imagine my delight (knowing my Zhivago obsession) when the very first thing I laid eyes on was this wonderful green Russian Troika, a snip at 895 gorillas!
I am streaming with cold and really fancied a snuggle - luckily I managed to restrain myself.
Inside there were treasures aplenty - here are some of my favourites
 I should have bought this lovely red felt bag - when I went back it was gone...
This one is for you Michele at Cowboys...
Caroline Zoob's stand was as inspirational as ever - really taken with those red and green velvet cushions...
lovely dried hydrangeas spilling out in every direction
Some stunning sparkles - vintage baubles in antique rose and silver and floating tea-lights in a galvanised basin, heavenly

Nutley antiques was was wonderful too - lots of pewter and gorgeous china pieces

Foxhole antiques is going to be having a follow up visit from me - my goodness some antique mirrored stockings and bells to hang from the tree, mantle as a present embellishment...mmm, really good.
 And that was my lot as it began to fill up and I took my leave...with the pretty jug from Nutley Antiques and a gorgeous vintage fabric shade that I will show you soon! If you are in Kent or East Sussex it's well worth a visit but get their early if you can.

It's beginning to look the teensiest bit like C*******S!
Hope you enjoyed all the fun of the fair,
Love Sarah 


  1. Oh I so want that bag also, looks like a great fair. Glad you had fun.

  2. Oooh, love the boat painting behind the dog

  3. Some lovely Christmas stuff there - I purchased my cards this week. It's a start but have to confess to being a last minute sort of perso. I wish that I wasn't and wish I was more organized - dare I say it - I am talking myself into a New Year Resolution!

  4. Oh,what a shame about the bag :0(
    He who hesitates..and all that.
    Love the jug,and look forward to seeing the shade.Have a lovely weekend...Christmas shopping?? :0)

  5. Oh how lovely are you sure that was not Santas house that sleigh and all those treasures
    what a gorgeous day out lucky you, hope your cold clears soon

    Take Care
    Oh and thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog, only starting out but its great fun!

  6. I so want the Morris traveller, in your first photograph, they make me go all swooney.
    What a super day out and we get to see the photographs too...what fun xx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  7. I feel quite sick, that looks JUST my sort of fair. Would love to visit next year if poss. Sorry you missed out on that felt bag but fear not, there will be something even lovelier next time!

  8. Hello my Liberty Lawn Lovely...drat and blast to missing the bag...what a corker.
    Lovely photos of a beautful Fair...hope you feel better soon. x

  9. Aaahhhhh that looks so lovely Sarah.

    I just placed a Christmas order with Caroline Zoob because until the 28th Nov you will receive some free 'Merry Christmas' bunting with orders over a certain amount. - Sorry, that wasn't supposed to be an ad by the way.

    Have a fab weekend and hope you feel better,

    Nina x

  10. I enjoyed the preview! I'm going on Saturday. hard to believe that this time last year we had deep snow!!

  11. That Russian sled is beautiful, I love it. And the red felt bag, too bad you missed getting it, but I am sue whomever bought it will look very stylish.

    The fair looks wonderful, too bad I live so far away.

    Have. Wonderful weekend.

  12. Wow...I need to find a fair like that to get my Christmas fix...such treasures and loveliness all around. Happy weekend dear one.

  13. Debs and I went today, and like you I am definitely visiting Foxhole Antiques. Trouble is the thing I've got my eye on for Hubs is a 190 quid. Considering we weren't going to buy each other presents this year, am I mad or wot?

    Do come and see us at Kitsch and Stitch next week AND if you do, please come and say hi, we'll be the ones with the very official looking red sashes.

    Loved your flavour photo's of the fair. LLX

  14. I can see why you enjoyed yourself so much, lots of lovely treasures, loving those tea lights.
    Lisa x

  15. I wish that could have been me driving along in the first picture. What a fantastic day out, if only I could have gone with you.

    Lou xxx

  16. Dear SJDTL..... how very remiss of me to miss this wonderful post and dedication. Of course my heart skipped a beat to see those wondrous beasties on wheels. I heard much about this fine fair from afar... and am entirely grateful for your beautiful aesthetic account of your visit.
    With love
    Michele xx

  17. Hello, love the garden photos. Is it Alnwick?


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