Sunday 13 November 2011

More "ADVENT"ures with Jessie


Another joyous day spent with Jessie Chorley yesterday - "a handmade and hand-tied Christmas" workshop held in the fab Vintage Heaven tea-shop on Columbia Road. Luckily for you I was too "hand-tied" to photograph the A-M-A-Z-I-I-N-G cakes (home baked the night before)as you would be reaching for the self raising as we speak!
Vintage Heaven & Cakehole
Jessie had prepared simple white twig wreaths for us along with a divine pack of goodies including stamped luggage labels, white cardboard cut birdy and horse amongst other things.As ever, her trinket treasure trove of beads, lace and ribbons was set out to be foraged through! Off we went - wrapping, embellishing, embroidering, rosette making, beading, threading, stamping.

I should say that Jessie had made a gorgeous mobile including much of the above, alas I cannot show you as my flash was being petulant and I have nothing decent to show! So go and see it in the shop if you can.

I was early enough to have a little nose around the shop and managed to snaffle these gorgeous cards, complete with lovely envelopes covered in old script.

Oh, and also these pretty hand-stamped labels

Clapping hands, so excited! Little Lane brain is whirring with excited Christmas chatterings - haven't finnished my wreath yet but I will show you as soon as I have!
In the meantime Jessie and Buddug will be unveiling their Christmas window and wares on Saturday 19th November find out more here.

I shall be unveiling my creation as soon as it's finnished!

Love Sarah xXx

PS Get well soon Lynn - I missed you x
PPS Hello Vicky - hope you got home safe and sound x


  1. Lovely cards and tags - looks like you had a really lovely time
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I am devasted totally that I couldn't go, I even got out of the house to walk to the station and just could not do it..and just sat on my doorstep crying my eyes out at 6.30 yesterday morning, loosing all that money was bad enough.. but missing the class and not meeting up with you and Vicky was the worst. (lots of tears) I just kept looking all evening to see if you or Vicky had written any thing about the day and I am so thrilled to see this post.
    I booked my train and class in August and have been so looking forward to it for so many months...never mind I shall keep taking peeks at your lovely day I am so pleased you have had a lovely time and your items are just beautiful....
    Big Hugs
    Lynn xxxxx

  3. Vintage Heaven...that sounds like my kind of place! Lovely things that you have shown us, thank you!

  4. It all looks wonderful...but I'm distracted reading the very sad comment from Lynn,I want to give her a big hug! :0)

  5. Wow, fab looking shop, just the kind of place I can spend a long time in....and lots of £££!


  6. Oh you have inspired me to get on with a collage for a Christmas party, thanks!

  7. Wow! That looks truly faberooni. I'm well inspired. x

  8. That all looks fabulous, I can't wait to see your finished creation.

  9. Can't wait to see your finished wreath. All looks fab.

  10. ooooh that all looks lovely. I would be twitching if someone was rummaging through my treasures - how nice that someone can share!
    Look forward to seeing your finished work
    fee ♥

  11. I can just picture you doing a hand clap with a little skip and a jump!
    Lisa x

  12. What a lovely end to a fab weekend to see my name on your lovely blog (lots of hand clapping!!) Got home safe and sound thank you, just need to finish my wreath lots of ideas! So lovely to meet you maybe we will meet again at one of Jessie's workshop.
    Love Vickie X

  13. Sounds like you had a weonderful time can't wait to see what you made. I'm off to London next weekend so I'll be making a beeline for Jessie's shop, lucey x

  14. Look forward to seeing your creation. Love the old cards you found.
    Carol xx


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