Monday 5 December 2011

Festive shoppery

Forgive my absence this last week, totally unplanned and all due to it being peppered with unexpected and quite unrelated incidents...

...30 escaped cattle...3 electricians and no power...driving to Devon and name but three! 
Anyhoo, having safely arrived the other side of all of the above it was definitely time to start Christmas shopping.

When I was little we would catch the train to York and go Christmas shopping. York seemed to me the most magical place I had ever seen - cobbles and wonky buildings, the Minster illuminated, carol singers and horse chestnut braziers on every corner. No I am not that old! This was the 1980's not the1880's - although I suppose there was a distinctly Dickensian feel to this annual outing.

A few decades on I feel the same way about Tunbridge Wells - it is a very Christmassy place indeed, particularly the Pantiles area, let me show you.
My  favourite festive haunt is here at le petit jardin which is, in my opinion, the jewel in the Pantiles crown chock full as it is with gorgeous wares carefully chosen by Penny the proprietor.
I adore this hazel twig wreath festooned with roses and dripping with baubles - I have my very own homage here Down the Lane.
Stepping inside there are vintage jars brimming with sparkles and bobbins and spools 
Outside there are wonderful locally sourced wreaths along with baskets and sledges and gorgeous winter plants.
Phew, I escaped with a bag full of baubles and some gorgeous Christmas cards! One of these days I shall just buy the lot!
I really like this window by Farrow Ball - very simple and easily recreated at home! Finally I stop at the top of the town to buy some groceries...I think that's all I need.. or perhaps
I may just pause on my way back to the car and browse here - if I am not home by sunset you know where I'll be!

Hope you're enjoying your Christmas shopping wherever you are,
Love Sarah xXx


  1. I love York. We've only ever been twice and that was before little ones so a very long time ago, but I do love it.

    I hope all is back to normal again - not the normal daily hiccups though I must say.

    Funny to look back on though..........?

    Nina xxxxxxxx

    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

  2. a sussex gal i know it well & brings back lovely memories of tun wells. le petit jardin is one of my fave shops there too ;) great snaps x smartie sends mr boodle lots of waggy tails xx

  3. Oh I love York when I was there years ago now, your little town has a nice feel about also. Love all those goodies. Stop by my blog for a give away.

  4. Love these photos- I'm feeling super Christmassy now, as well as wanting quite badly to go to Tunbridge Wells

  5. another 'Penelope'!
    yay for the 'p's of the world!
    I want to see the photos of your Wealdian Xmas.....

  6. Hi there,
    I so enjoy popping by to your blog and I have to say I fell in love with Tunbridge Wells just a little bit/a whole lot today!! It looks absolutely gorgeous, so Christmassy and festive....I wanted to jump through the computer screen right into Le Petit Jardin...then and there! Beautiful pics! x Rachel

  7. That is funny I know what its like, half a day everyone looking for a missing calf, the naughtiest pig in Ireland with Houdini skills
    it means life is never dull, love the pictures
    of Tunbridge Wells,


  8. oh how very beautiful...good place to potter about after such a busy time with escaped cattle!
    hope you enjoyed your christmas shopping- i love the photos- thanks for sharing x

  9. hi sarah, wow, you have a good excuse for not blogging! i hope things have calmed down and you can relax a bit. as for christmas shopping, i'll take that bookstore. haven't done much yet! joy and happy almost-friday.

  10. Oh, I loved everything you showed us but that last photo of the bookstore...oh my, I really miss book stores in England.

  11. Lovely blog! I am visiting via satellite from across the pond...also your newest follower! Drop by for a visit won't you.

  12. I've never been to Tunbridge Wells - it looks wonderful. That Farrow and Ball window is stunning and I love the simple garland of bulbs - very chic street decorations. Hope all is well with you x

  13. Live sounds hectic, I hope you are all ok.
    Went to TW once a very long time ago and loved it. I can see why you love that shop so much.
    Lisa x

  14. Hi Sarah Jane,
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogging award. Details on my site. Hooray for your work here!


  15. so beautiful, one of the few places in Kent I've not visited, must put it on my list! Merry Christmas xx

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