Wednesday 23 November 2011

All things bright and beautiful...

All creatures great small...
What an ethereal selection of weather we have been experiencing here on our Lane hill-top.
We are in a becalmed lull, mornings start still and foggy. We can barely see across the Lane to Dangerfield.
Then, very slowly the sun gets up in a weekend"ish" way.(No rush.) Yawning it's way above Theo (nickname for the old oak.) The mist rises revealing a glorious big sky.
and the beasties! 
I love the cows and sheep we are sharing the Lane fields with - I am learning to differentiate and notice their individual characters.
I am delivering on a promise I made to my faraway SIL to show you the gang!
Enough of the creatures - now for the brightness.
The colours are wonderful
This is my favourite tree -yes I do have favourite trees, this one is often patted and hugged.
The roses are flowering again! They are magnificent especially this glorious one.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many blooms were out - I had to bring some inside
 Amazing how the simple things can make your heart sing x


  1. beautiful pictures! I could almost be there with you (if I wasn't late for the school run...)
    fee x

  2. More than ever, simple things are making my heart sing, is it an age thing? Gorgeous pics of the gorgeous little nook of England you are making home! Love your blog SJ! :)xx

  3. It makes me happy that you have favorite trees too! (I also pat and hug too! And I am not ashamed to admit it!)
    One question, I took a photograph of the cows near Beachy Head and one of them was that same one that you have in your 2nd photo...what kind of cow is that?
    Love all these photos. Have you been to that pub in Burwash yet? If you go, please take a photo of the view out the back! Thanks!

  4. lovely!
    could you give those shaggy creatures a good knuckle rub on their curly foreheads for me? thanks!

  5. And what a beautiful view.

    It's either fog or no fog here. No lifting at all - I guess that is the sea for you.

    A gorgeous post and a vineyard you say.....mmmmm - perfectly delicious.

    Nina x

  6. I love your pictures today Sarah,they certainly made my heart sing!
    Hope you get rid of your cold soon
    ....poor you. :0)

  7. Hello

    What a lovely blog, this time of year can be quite magical with all that mist and soft smoky sunsets I love this time of year in the countryside

    Best wishes


  8. Lovely photos - love the beasties! Our roses are now not at their best but it is the end of November! Your roses are stunning!

  9. Gorgeous pictures especially the ones with the morning mists...the roses are amazing..huh it was too cold up here to grow them in Sept ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  10. I love like that, I think the blue aways looks bluer.

  11. Beautiful. I can almost smell the animal smells and feel their sides as you pat them. Your pictures are lovely!

  12. You have the caught the beauty of your surroundings perfectly.
    Lisa x

  13. I just love those cute calves!


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