Friday, 4 November 2011

It will all be worth it...

...when we wake to ribbons and swathes of cheery bright anemones sometime next Spring.
I was looking at some old pictures of the wonderful gardens at Heligan and was reminded how joyous anemones are en masse. And so we have been dodging squally rain and autumnal gusts up here on the High Weald and planting anemone bulbs.
 Hoping to wake one April (OK, maybe May!) morning to a scene such as this! Memories of this creaking back and ruined nails will have long receded and I can fill the Lane with jugs of velvety bright anemones.
 It seems the creative team at Sanderson were thinking the very same thing - I am really keen on the work of Henri Matisse and so are they. We share a love of flowers and textiles and this new fabric from their Bloomsbury Canvas collection is called Still Life and is clearly inspired by the great man.

A perfect excuse for me to come in from the rain and pour over my Matisse books luxuriating in all that print and all that colour, soaking it all up.
 I think it has done me good - like eating visual oranges, filling me with vitamin colour!
Happy and colourful, that's a good place to start the day,

Sarah xXx


  1. Lovely, they are my favourite flowers and were also my Mother's.
    When she died I put a posy in for her and on my wedding day I had a bouquet of them too.
    Whenever I see them they make me smile and bring me many happy thoughts.
    Love Matisse too !

    Diane. x

  2. So pretty, I need to plant more next year. Have a good weekend.

  3. There's some hope and inspiration to get me through the dark days ahead. Lovely. x

  4. I love love your pictures
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. And your blog was a good place to start my day... especially as like you, I ADORE anemones. LLX

  6. Don't know what I do wrong anemones never grow for me.

  7. Ooh, thank you. I really needed this great shot of colour and vibrancy. I know what you mean when you say about a visual vitamin.

  8. What a gorgeous bolt of colour for the eyes. Mine are due to arrive next week, I grew them for the first time this year and have fallen for them hard, being a March baby they are my birth flower apparantly. If you pick them they go on and on, right through til late July for me. Also ordered about 400 tulips, am DREADING the planting!! Have a lovely weekend, flower-friend! xx

  9. Hey, Who needs a doctor when I can get vitamin colour from you? Thanks for my healthy dose!

  10. They really are happy flowers.I was just thinking I must get out and plant my Spring flowers before it's too late.
    Have a lovely weekend. :0)

  11. I love those colourful pictures - the fabric is really lovely - haven't seen that one before!

    Pomona x

  12. Gosh they do look good and a real awakening on this grey-ish November day.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

    ps.I dream of curling up in front of the fire, but it's too darn warm to light it at the moment. Hopefully the bonfire tomorrow - fingers crossed. N x

  13. just had to leave a comment to say thanks for the beautiful jewel coloured flower inspiration- a feast for the soul!

  14. We have all benefitted from that lovley blast of beautiful colour.
    Lisa x

  15. I never saw this before -

    but how similar IS Maira Kalman's style to these two mattisse's you have here...


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