Friday 9 September 2011

Sea Shanty

On Monday we went to Penlee House Museum and gallery in Penzance to see the Walter Langley exhibition.Hurry along, it finishes this weekend! Afterwards we went over to Newlyn Harbour and I was totally blown away by the place, the fishing industry is seriously up against it and I found myself in awe of the fishermen and their gritty determination.
As you can see I was also not a little fascinated by all the tools of the trade, and yes, the lighthouse is the same one that features in the distance of this Walter Langley painting.
Between the tides, Walter Langley
What a day!

I'll be back with more tales from the West soon!


By the way, my favourite exhibit at Penlee was "Rosebud"
Toy black cat with spiky fur, over a wire body. Has a leather and hair tail with a ribbon tied around it. Was used as the mascot on board the 'Rosebud' and was tied to the mast for the entire voyage. The Rosebud was a Newlyn fishing boat (PZ 87) that was sailed up to London on October 19th - 21st 1937 to deliver a petition to Parliament to stop the slum clearances.


  1. I always find the harbour sides fascinating and love taking pictures of ropes, nets and knots! Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time.

  2. I could never get bored of seeing pictures of boats and ropes and all things to do with the sea.

    It sounds like you're having a fabulous time.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  3. Just love the collage of photographs you have taken.
    The port reminds me so much of those in Brittany some trying so hard to hang on to the tradition of their roots.
    Love Diane. x

  4. Love your blog - it's poetic and esoteric (i'm just looking that word up...)

  5. Great photos!
    The one of the rusty anchor (well I think that's what it is) looks like a thin dog looking over the harbour wall1

  6. Aaaah there's no place like home. Thank you for that!

    Have fun down there x

  7. How nice to know about what you tell in the post and looking at your beautiful photos too. It has been great to come to know your blog through the Happy HomeMaker blog, with your permission I have become a follower and I will come again!

  8. Helloooooo...........thanks for all your lovely comments. I dont want to leave being a farm girl! Poor Mr Dalloway is very grumpy and churlish about me hiding in the country for my holidays BUT he will work 12 hour days.
    I hope all is well in your beautiful new lane.
    I have been trying to do jobs but really just enjoying pottering with the poochies.
    Kindest regards
    Ms Px

  9. there is something so terribly photogenic about all things fishing boats (what kind of sentence was that?!)
    happy new week to you
    fee x

  10. Oh how I love walking around fishing boats...your images are lovely my friend....I can almost smell the sea. xoxox HUgs


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