Thursday 14 April 2011


Today is lovely.
Yes! Extraordinarily lovely,
It began early with a trot around 40 acre field for Mr.Boodle and the field margins were glowing blue with drooping bells.

Next a packet arrived from Australia crammed with brilliant art works specially commissioned from the littlest "Far~aways".


Closely followed by beautiful friends who came for coffee, cakes and cultural studies!

I have had such fun baking cakes and gathering flowers to adorn the kitchen,
it so nice to share things and support a worthy cause.....

.....I and 15,000 others will be Moonwalking around London on May 14th and my village buddies have supported me brilliantly today ~ a heartfelt thank you to each of them x

Which brings me neatly back to "Lovely" (admirable, adorable, alluring, beauteous, delcious, delightful, enchanting, engaging - particularly when demonstrating with a broom handle!, rare, splendid stunning and sweet. )
You are all.....


  1. Your table looks stunning xx

  2. Very fun post, Sarah!! I love all the pretty flowers on your table!


  3. Look at all that Spring lushness on your table and those cakes, my oh my they look splendido!
    Lisa x

  4. Lovely post indeed-especially the flowers in all their lushness on your dinning table.

  5. Oh good for you SJDTL for taking part in The Moonwalk.. I hope it will be a life changing night for you making new friends and giving something so valuable to others..
    Michele xx

  6. The flowers are stunning! Wow! The food looks rather delicious too! Cx

  7. those flowers are beautiful!
    as is the artwork by the little ones!
    and cake too!

  8. Your table looks so cheery, Sarah - a lovely sight indeed, as we have had SO much rain, rain, rain here in Tasmania! The most in 50 years apparently. So much for Hobart being Australia's second driest capital, cause this week it ain't!!

  9. More beautiful flowers -- lucky you! I'm particulary envious of the bluebells -- so very pretty.
    Love the artwork too. They put much effort into their creations, didn't they ;)?

  10. Good luck, my beautiful bluebell friend for the 14th.

    My oh my I wish I lived in the same village as you. xxxx

  11. What lovely art and flowers. Great blog!

  12. Thanks SO much for your lovely comments. Nice to know someone is reading... YEY!
    All I can say is just go for it. My sis and I are having so much fun together doing it and she like Penny has just had a baby so is working it around her 'other commitments'.
    It is like bringing a little bit of country to the city for us...which I love! My Mum and Dad came down and even helped with cups of tea and zucchini slice.
    thanks again

  13. Ps the bluebells are so Bright Star! Gorgeous!

  14. oooh how a bluebell, love a cake, love flowers (natch), love my friends and always feels good to do something worthwhile with ones time!
    fee x

  15. Golly, garsh, wow! The flowers are so beautiful! The cake looks super yum and all for a good cause...

    btw, I love breaking down words like that and really, really thinking about what they mean. Lovely!


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