Friday 29 April 2011


Crack out the bunting~ cool the fizz and dig out the vintage royal china.
It's here at last, the wedding of the year!
We shall be starting out with a wedding breakfast and limbering up our Jack waving forearms.

Three cheers for Kate and William
Hip hip......
Hip hip.....
Hip hip......

Hope your day goes with a right royal swing too!

Love Sarah


To coin Kate's phrase "wow!"

It was all so breathtaking and simple and yet exquisite too. The dress was so beautiful as was she. I hate that "the bride was radiant...." cliche but on this occaision...

The trees in the Abbey, the wonderful shaggy English Spring Blossom spilling and frothing out of urns and tumbling over the altar, wonderful!

The Getaway in Charles' Aston Martin was gorgeous too, my favourite surprise I think.

And that glorious moment as they stepped onto the balcony and Kate gasped "Wow" even the most hardened heart could not help but melt at the honesty in the emotion she so spontaneously conveyed.

Huzzagh for William and Catherine!


  1. Happiness to them both - what pleasure the day will give to so many.
    I just so wish Diana could have seen her beloved boy marrying someone who so obviously adores him - something she never had.

    Have a happy day.

    Diane. x

  2. I am up at 2:00 a.m. here in the states to see this wonderful event! There is nothing like it! Enjoy your party!


  3. ... hooray!
    ... hooray!
    ... hooray!

  4. hope the rain has held off! I wish I was at the garden party with you- have you a special hat on?
    i am watching BBC (via ABC) as you instructed

  5. ps love the flower above the altar
    all wild and hedgerow-y

  6. I have an idea today that I'd like Union Jack pillows on my couch and beds LOL!

  7. Add my cheers to your three cheers.

    I wish them a joyous life,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. Oooh it was magnificent wasnt it? I would have been so happy with my bridesmaid dress if I was her sister....LOVED the top of her dress...Hopefully the style will catch on and there will be less busty brides popping out all over Melbourne this Spring. P x

  9. I did so enjoy the whole occasion. The best tonic this country has had for such a long time. May William and Catherine live happily ever after..
    Michele xx

  10. loved it - and loving these long SUNNY weekends!
    We also had cucumber sandwiches (and a scone with jam and clotted cream - naturally) and despite all boys sneering at them they were wolfed down!
    happy days
    fee x

  11. Okay! You are just SO adorable! Desperately simple comment but, there it is....

  12. Oh, do you recognize me? I got rid of that silly hand - you know - the "OH, MY!" look. =D


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