Wednesday 20 April 2011

Black and quiet

Some days I find that I have nothing to say...... I am frozen, stupefied if you like. Other days I babble incessantly like a brook! There is no rhyme or reason to these shifts in loquacity they are just part and parcel of who I am.

Today is a quiet day~ it's not sad or good or bad it just is the status quo.

BUT I must break out of this reverie, I just have to tell you two magical facts.

Today I saw a black....yes, a huge velvety, wild black rabbit!
I have always been charmed by wild rabbits in the spring, their white cotton tails bobbing out of sight when they are startled by the slightest sound. But never before have I seen a pure black rabbit grazing on the newly grown grass tips. What a thrill it was.

Black rabbits are steeped in folk lore and mystique.
I must confess when I caught sight of him at the bottom of 40 acre field we shared a nano second of mutual appraisal before he arced and leapt in three perfect half moon leaps into the hedgrow, and I wondered if I could believe my eyes!

Will you believe me when I tell you that whilst I was still gasping with the thrill of this encounter the soundtrack came bursting into my consciousness~ a cuckoo!

The first cuckoo of spring no less, just behind us and out of sight, high in the tree canopy. He started tentatively, as though clearing his throat. Then he ploughed on with metronomic regularity "cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo."

Being the seasoned country girl I, of course bust into tears! ( i-pod obligingly selected "The Lark Ascending" by Vaughan Williams. Too much serendipity to expect Delius to be the choice!) As the strings soared so did my quiet little soul.

Home again now and much concentrating and musing over black rabbits has taken place. I find myself reaching for a much neglected copy of an old favourite book.
And lusting after this lovely screen print by Sally Elford

"Watership Down" by Sally Elford,
you can buy the silk screen print here

Hope you are enjoying all this balmy weather,

Sarah-Jane Darko


  1. ahh...the black rabbit of inle ;0) x

  2. Well how wonderful! I have never seen a black rabbit!I see lots of rabbits on the verges in the morning and I always stress that they will run in front of my car!

    Happy Easter!
    Rachel x

  3. There is always a thread of the magical and mysterious in your lovely posts, this one especially! That print is gorgeous too. Happy, sunny Easter, Bx

  4. I didn't know there were wild black rabbits - if I had seen one, I would have imagined someone had lost their pet!

  5. Hey, I like a status quo day...
    I didn't even realise you could actually get a wild black rabbit (although now I think about it of course you do!), what a treat to see him on a beautiful spring day. And a cuckoo to boot?
    Lucky you.
    fee ♥
    (love the word serendipity!)

  6. Thank you for a lovely post. I've seen a black rabbit too, but haven't heard a cuckoo calling for some years in my neck of the woods.
    Reminds me of the old rhyme:
    The Cuckoo comes in April, sings his song in May, changes his tune in the month of June, and then he flies away.
    How lovely to have heard one calling so early in the year - can't be global warming can it?!

  7. For someone with not much to say, may I say that you said it all beautifully...

  8. Beautiful post! I haven’t heard a cuckoo as yet this spring...and I have never seen a wild black rabbit.

    I love the print!

    I hope you have a lovely Easter.

    Lou xxx

  9. I think I may have fainted if I saw a black rabbit. Odd, since it is so near Easter. Well, not actually, as the bunnies are hopping all over the place here. Not black ones though.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Sarah!


  10. What a wonderful story - and you had a soundtrack to it too! Ive not heard a cuckoo so far this year and ive never ever seen a wild black rabbit. I love the print. xxxxx

  11. A magical walk, one to make you happy and smile when you think back to it.
    Lisa x

  12. That is so beautiful Sarah and as a true to heart country lass too I so appreciate and understand all that you say.

    It's so hard, trying to explain to someone that 'yes' - I am quiet, but 'no' I'm not shy as 'yes' I can talk like a blithering idiot with the best of them somedays. That's not a bad thing - right?

    I've never been able to figure out why stillness and quiet is needed and effects me so much, but I like it - it's me and it's what makes me you.

    Have a beautiful Easter holiday.

    Nina x

  13. there is a a house in the middle of an empty stretch of road in Tasmania, the grass is verdant green and there is a whole troop of black rabbits that live wild around the house
    I saw the black rabbits on a trip there when I was about 10 and then saw them again 2 years ago
    it was magical
    wild black rabbits- amazing even though they are pests here

    sometimes quiet times are very good, healing and peaceful
    have a lovely Easter S-J Darko
    hope it is restful and lovely

  14. A beautiful text. Old books bring us good memories.
    Here in Brazil, this time of year, the decorations with rabbits and Easter eggs are seen everywhere. Beijos!

  15. I would never imagine to see a black rabbit in the wild it would not happen here in the USA-but it sounds magical. Hold the mystery close to your heart as a prayer.

  16. Just found you whilst blog hopping and I glad I did.
    I heard my first cuckoo of the year yesterday and it's something I look forward to each year.
    I loved your post about the wood anemones, the photos are quite haunting.

  17. Dear SJDTL it is these moments that bring such rich rewards to our lives..
    I can totally empathise with the thrill of seeing your black bunny. Whilst in Devon last weekend and walking down the hill into the gorgeous town of Chagford... I turned to study the hedgerow next to me for wild flowers and came eye to eye with the sweetest little baby bunny sitting amongst a tangle of ivy and violets. A moment frozen in time and my memory for ever.
    Happy Easter to you and all the joys this season brings.

  18. Magic! I can see it and feel it, Sarah-jane. You know that we're a bit kindred in the spirits. (Oh, for Delius and "Summer Night on the River".) The only thing is, I have these Englishy romantic sensibilities but am serenaded by Vermont spring peepers, instead - yes, the baby froggies are chirruping at me. Sigh! It IS lovely. I am so glad that you had that wonderful moment!

    Love, Katy Noelle xo


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