Thursday 2 December 2010

Deep and crisp and even

Good King Wenceslas last looked out on the feast of Stephen,
When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even
Much has been said already about the truly astonishing amount of snowfall, I shall simply add that I, at last think I appreciate the meaning of "Deep and crisp and even!"

The plan is to dig out the decorations and enjoy being at home together!
It is a bonus to have Mr.Lane at home during the week!
I shall also be linking to the the Toast site to listen to the first instalment of a Russian folk tale, Tsar Saltan click here if you are interested

I love unwrapping the decs and rediscovering old favourites don't you?



  1. did they get the spare part through?
    do you have real heat or patched together heat?

  2. Another lovely post! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Just please tell me you have heating?? V pretty pics.xx

  4. Gorgeous, my friend!
    We have had a winter
    wonderland for nearly
    three weeks and it DOES
    help you to slow down
    and truly take in these
    Advent days. Loved that
    last image!!
    Stay cozy,
    xx Suzanne

  5. Enjoy your magical weekend my friend...Molly called me yesterday and was soooo happy about the does make life a lot sweeter...ours is all gone.

    Hug and love. oxoxxo

  6. Unexpected days together are a real treat.

    Hope you have heating.

    Jo x

  7. Oh so do I - there's always a treasure or two in there that I've forgotten about.

    Goodness you've had SO much snow. We've only had a tiny sprinkle!

  8. Oh, it's gorgeous out your way, simply stunning. I have a soft spot for that carol as it was the first Christmas carol I learned to play when I took piano lessons as a girl in England. Stay warm and enjoy decorating.

  9. Oooh,yes,me too.Can't wait for Mr Boo to scramble up in the loft and bring the boxes down! Love all your snowy pics.Looks like you have had lots like us.
    Keep warm and cosy! :0)

  10. Gosh - that's stunning.

    Enjoy snuggling up,

    Nina xxx

  11. No snow for us in Chicago yet...just a few flurries. It looks like you are in a winter wonderland! Magical!


  12. Your snow is beautiful! We don't have any here yet. I have always loved that Christmas Carol, because of it's message of sharing with others.

  13. Oh your snow pictures are something from a fairy tale ... warming up and Ashes cricket down here!

  14. You had lots more snow than us here in Suffolk I think!

    I too love getting out the decorations but unfortunately when we did this week we discovered something else had been enjoying all the packaging - eek!

  15. Beautiful blog, I am looking forward to unpacking all the Christmas Decs next week! xx

  16. Lovely post, lovely photographs.


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