Thursday 2 December 2010

News Flash

Still no sign of the part needed to fix our central heating~ HOWEVER~ after some Heath Robinson lashing of cables, masking tape, sticky back plastic, two empty loo get the idea....................

Drum roll please
We have heating!
This is an approximation of what I have been doing since the joyous gurgling sound of the radiators kicked in

I love radiators!

so does the Boodle, his sleeping regime is so important and he requires an ambient temperature of 21 degrees or so!

Happy days!
Thank you all for your lovely words of comiseration and encouragement, you've been brilliant!
Be warm and toasty xXx


  1. Sorry to be hear about the radiator problem. Of all days to have a heating disaster - the coldest and snowiest.
    Love the photo of the cat curled round the radiator.
    June at catsdogsandeiderdowns

  2. OH no, poor you! That cat pic is amazing!

  3. Glory glory hallelulia!!!xx

  4. Oh I know that horrible feeling of being without heating. We were without heating for 10 in Spetember/October at least it wasn't as cold as it is now. Poor you, that couldn't have been nice! Enjoy the warmth...

  5. Glad your warm & cosy now.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. I have so been thinking about you and wishing you lived close enough so that I could drag you in for some HEAT! Pray they stay on. xxxxx

  7. oh thank goodness you finally have HEAT!!!!

    I love radiators too...we have them in every room of our old house. I have to ask... where did you get that tray that fits so beautifully on the radiator? such an awesome idea!!! I need to get one to keep my tea warm during the winter ahead.

  8. Hope all the homemade makings stick together and they keep you all warm and toasty!
    Lisa x

  9. Lordy, no heat is a bad bad thing at the moment. Thank goodness all is sorted. We ran out of oil just before the snow and I hounded them to please please come and deliver. Enjoy your cosy home.

    Lisa x

  10. Hooray,so pleased to hear you are warm and cosy now..and Boodle too! :0)

  11. Thank goodness its sorted :)

  12. The deadly silence of a house without heat is a terrible thing.

    No matter how diligent I am about getting my boiler serviced at some point, usually doing a blizzard, it goes silent.

    And my heart sinks.

    Glad your heart has risen,stay warm.

    xo Jane

  13. jethro wants to do what that kitten is doing!
    he looks to comfy!

  14. I like them too..and those are the cutest pics of the dog and cat! ;D

  15. You poor thing no heating - I have had that experience we are really hoping the oil tanker will get here very soon. But it is so lovely when it all comes back on and you are lovely and cosy again. You can now enjoy the snow!!

  16. You too and have a fabulous - snuggled - weekend.

    Keep toasty,

    Nina xxx

  17. I hope either your make-shift part is holding out or the brand new one is fitted and that you have central heating this weekend.
    Your dog is just too cute for words!

  18. Just passing by on my travels and spied this charming little lane, so I stopped for a while and felt refreshed, many thanks...Carry on

  19. While blog surfing, I stumbled on to yours. I've really enjoyed reading it.
    You have a new follower!


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