Saturday 4 December 2010

Hokey Cokey ( or in and out! )

Inside I am day dreaming about creating a room scheme based on the william Morris print "Blackthorn".
We used to have it in our family home when I was child and I am hankering for it!

I am also filling vases and pots with evergreen foliage as outside all is calm, all is WHITE!

This detail is staggering, today I am mostly reading up on William Morris!



  1. Just look at those icicles!
    I have a book about William Morris that was given to me by a friend. It had belonged to her mum and after she died she gave it to as a gift, a little keepsake of her mum.
    The Snowman game was bought about 7 years ago from a toy sale, I've never seen another one anywhere.
    Hope you are warm and cosy whilst doing your research.
    Lisa x

  2. I can see why you love Blackthorn! Particularly at this time of year! Your blog is always so beautiful and so inspiring. It's rapidly becoming a real favourite of mine. Thank you. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Sarah,

    What lovely designs very in keeping with this time of year. It looks cold over with you too, lots of snow here yesterday. Hope you have a nice weekend

    All things nice...

  4. I love William Morris' designs. I had my first house very Arts and Crafts in style with WM curtains in the living room and Liberty Ianthe curtains in my guest room. Have you been to Standen, this has a lot of WM textiles? I do hope you get to recreate your dream room.
    Hen xxx

  5. You have a really great eye for colour and form, and I love the fact your posts showcase it so well!xx

  6. So pretty...I love this fabric and paper!!! I am filling little containers with mini trees much fun and JOY....hugs for a great weekend.

  7. Oh I have memories of those dark, warm patterns on the walls of my childhood too! Those are so amazing icicles you have there!

  8. An absolutely timeless design - I can see why you love it. xxx

  9. what an amazing evergreen idea! Id never think of that, i am SO copying that!!

  10. The evergreen and pine cones look just like the Christmas stamps I just bought! ;D

  11. The William Morris pattern is so beautiful and your scenery outside is amazing. The evergreen vignette you have put together is a lovely idea too. May I recommend a quilting site I love which is all about William Morris. It is Michele Hill's site and I love it.

  12. Bold and beautiful Sarah. Stunning print deign.
    I can imagine an evocative piney aroma too.

    Jo x

  13. Love the wallpapers! I remember another charming paper (posted a while back) that was in your family kitchen when you were young -- all earthy tones. I'd love to have that one in my kitchen now!
    Holiday blessings to you and yours,

  14. Beautiful Wintery photos! There's nothing lovelier than a Morris print. What a beautiful blog! Laura x

  15. Ahhh perfect snow, and the perfect winter print. When I win the lottery and buy my house in the highlands, I'm totally stealing this idea! x

  16. Hello dear SJDTL .. I have a lot to catch up on and as always every post has something that resonates with me.. Little red riding hood for a start. My mother had a Staffordshire figurine of little red... that sat in our cottage in Cornwall.. that brought back strong memories for me.
    The snow in your beautiful photographs is much envied as we have only had a dusting here in comparison.. though the haw frost here this week was a sight to behold. As for William Morris.. well.. another blast from the past and took me right back to our kitchen curtains many years ago..
    Sweet memories of made of this!
    Glad you are cosy again.
    Michele x

  17. Love William Morris designs - stayed in a holiday home a few years ago which was covered in them and had loads of books about his life, which I read and loved.

  18. Dear Sarah,

    Just wanted to send along best wishes and love to you and yours.

    Happy holidays,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  19. Merry Christmas Sarah! Hope you and your family are enjoying the season. I love seeing the photos of the snow! So Christmassy! We don't really get snow every year, so I always enjoy others photos especially this time of year.

  20. Thank you Sarah, you have given me an idea!! We have 'India' wallpaper in the front hall, been there since the 60s. Seasons Greetings!

  21. I just love your blog. I found you through Corgi’s In My Garden. She is right, your blog is absolutely beautiful and I love the fabric in this post. Can’t wait to browse your older posts. Happy New Year!


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