Tuesday 30 November 2010

Winter light

Beautiful winter light
This weekend we walked and walked around our favourite local places as we had no central heating and decided it was warmer outside!
So many amazing light changes.


  1. Lovely pictures - the 3rd one is my favourite.

    Hope heating is fixed now.

  2. is the heater fixed??
    hear you have more freezing weather on the way
    do you need gloves?
    will mail you some!

  3. oooh nooo, no heating?! Two things I can recommend, endless delish pub lunches, and uniqlo heattech thermals -they are brilliant! xx

  4. I love Winter light. Low slung sun, long shadows, eiry silhouettes. But all the nicer returning home to a warm house you poor love.

    Hope it's fixed and you're now as snug as a bug.

    Jo x

  5. Oh,poor you! I do hope you get your heating back on soon.Why do these things always happen at the wrong time?
    Your pictures capture the light beautifully! :0)

  6. Hope you're warm and toasty now!
    Love the beautiful winter light!
    Rachel x

  7. I have thought about you so much over the weekend! Ive also been thinking about when I was little - we had winters like this every year and we only had a coal fire - no central heating. It was no big then back then - I guess we were just used to it. xxxxx

  8. Is it broken??

    I love the light at this time of year - I think it's my favourite.

    Beautiful pictures.

    Nina xxx

  9. Beautiful photos! Stay warm.

  10. hope you are toasty and warm now! what lovely photos...you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful spot :)

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...our Thanksgiving was so nice and quiet and yummy...and I got to spend it with my boy which made it absolutely perfect!

    stay warm xo Jennifer

  11. These are gorgeous pictures...I hope you can get warm! :D

  12. No central heating!! Hope you have some now. The snow looked so pretty here today but I am afraid to say I haven't been brave enough to step foot out - just too cold!

  13. Hi Sarah-Jane,

    Felt drawn to visit your blog after seeing your comment and gorgeous logo on Belinda's blog (Wild Acre).

    Looks as though I'm in for a treat although I'm not able to stay too long on this visit - housework calls :(

    Will definitely be back...love the photographs shared here! Thank you!

  14. Hope the heating is back on with you now. Otherwise pop along to Hever and warm yourself by their open fires!
    Lisa x


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