Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn Accompaniment

"Never forget to live in the moment" I say to myself this morning.

I resolve to focus on the here and now ~ and here and now is this handsome chap ready for his morning stroll.

We set off and are joined by my trusty friends Vaughan-Williams, Elgar and Delius courtesy of a serendipitous shuffle on my i-player.

The sun is low in the sky sending spoke like shadows out from the tree trunks.
I like to see things, you know really notice things ~ details, colours, patterns.
Big sigh as we reach the woods

The ground is a confetti of fallen leaves

a crisp covering of amber - russet - gold - green

Studded with the spiny husks of chestnuts and hazelnuts
like a beautiful autumnal salad

The sea of leaves stretches out ahead ~ gently stirred by the mild morning breeze and the bruising of my wellington boots and four brown paws as we pass.

Its interesting to notice the leaf carpet subtly change as the leaf canopy above is different

and watch the sun slake through almost translucent leaves

Many of autumns jewels have already been eaten but some remain punctuating the hedges with scarlet (must harvest some rose-hips soon!)

amazing textures abound too

Elgar interrupts my thoughts at this point, the cello concerto is not to be ignored!
the strings rise and my heart sings along

Soon I realise as I turn for home that all my anxieties and worries are firmly in perspective.
We can spend too much time dwelling on the future and what if.........
It is glorious just to be


  1. What a beautiful post! I was there with you! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Ive been doing lots of walking too to help clear my head and put things into perspective. It helps just being able to breath. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. There is nothing better for the soul than a walk in the countryside..and being at one with nature.What a beautiful poetic post! :o)

  4. Absolutely!

    A beautiful post Sarah and it is always good to be reminded and to remember.

    Much love and even bigger hugs,

    Nina xxx

  5. Getting out and breathing fresh air, seeing nature's beauty, it always helps.
    Best wishes for very moment.
    Lisa x

  6. Such a simple concept but so often difficult to put into practice -- for me that is. Thanks for the reminder. Think I'll go take a walk ^v^.



  7. Much food for thought here....Always a pleasure to visit your beautiful collection of words and pictures, my flowery sprig...I do so hope all is well with you.

  8. What a beautiful post with such wonderful observations! I love strings, they always make be get tingly spine! Susie xxx

  9. That is my favorite part of my day and the dogs and the fresh air and the blue skies and the red it! :D

  10. Wonderful post, Sarah. And your pictures are too beautiful to describe!


  11. What talented friends you have to go on walks with. Especially loved the shot of the trees second from last, stunning.

    I hope all is calm and as well as it can be for you S-Jane.


  12. You are absolutely right Sarah.
    Live for today.

    Stunning Autumnal images, did you harvest any nuts?


  13. so glad you are feeling more positive

  14. Delighted to have found your lovely blog! Every image speaks to me and reminds me of my European roots... Am following along and look forward to poking 'bout lots more!


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