Saturday 6 November 2010

Bonfire Night

Last night the village gathered together to celebrate Bonfire Night.
A large bonfire, a muddy field, fireworks, hot-dogs, soup and friends and neighbours.
It was a wonderfully simple and low key affair ~ looking around I was struck by the image of everyones' faces pointed up to the heavens illuminated by glowing firelight and heightened by the rythmic bursting of huge starry sparkles and coloured chrysanthemum flower heads exploding above our heads.

This morning, feeling more refelctive than ever! I reach for the TOAST AW2010 magazine and lose myself in the fantastic images for a while

Feeling inspired by the homely images I am off to make boiled egg and soldiers followed by blackcurrant jam on hefty wholemeal bread

and then off to market to buy casserole ingredients ~ I do like to cook when I am melancholy!

Tonight I am planning to put my feet up and stay at home

Enjoy your weekend wont you!
Happy Bonfire Night


  1. I do like the sound of your breakfast. Enjoy your weekend too.
    Fab photos as ever.
    Hugs to you.
    Lisa x

  2. Enjoy your cosy stay at home.
    I so enjoy evenings like that in front of the woodstove and roasting chestnuts.
    Love to you.

  3. Lovely photos, yummy sounding breakfast. Enjoy xx

  4. Just loving reading all these English blogs celebrating Guy Fawkes night, my mummy is English so we'd celebrate each year in Australia too. Love Posie

  5. Cooking when melancholy reminds me of Sophie Dahl's wonderful cookery series. Hope the cooking helps lift your mood.

    Sadly our village stopped Bonfire Night celebrations a few years back when there was a terrible incident. Last night it was decidedly quiet here with just a few bangs around 9pm so we hope to watch some tonight from the comfort of our warm house I think.

  6. Oh I have not got my new toast magazine yet..I love their inspiring!

    What a fun time at the fireworks...

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  7. Very pretty mosaic and it sounds like such a fun night. Is it held on the same date every year?

    This weather makes me want to stay in, too. A casserole sounds lovely. So does your breakfast. What are soldiers if you don't mind my questions?

    Happy Weekend, Sarah!


  8. I love a local bonfire display ... the primary school nar us does a fantastic one every year. Mind you, the best fireworks I've been to are in the height of summer at a village fete in France ... 11 p.m. in t-shirts and shorts...the French know how to live!!!
    love Kathy xxx
    P.S. I might make bolied eggs and soldiers for breakfast tomorrow!!! Haven't had them for ages!

  9. Jane you ask a brilliant question!
    I forget that this blogging lark opens up to those much farther afield than old Blighty!

    "soldiers" are little slices of hot buttery toast, you line them up in a row on your plate like soldiers and they are the perfect size for dipping in your egg! A real nursery favourite.

    Bonfire or "Guy Fawkes" night is held on the 5th November and commemorates the foiled "Gunpowder Plot" where a group of disaffeted catholics planned to blow up the House of Parliament in 1605.

    Guy Fawkes was given the job to keep watch over the barrels of gunpowder and to light the fuse. On the morning of 5th November, soldiers discovered Guy hidden in the cellar and arrested him. The trail of gunpowder at his feet would never be lit.

    In celebration of his survival, King James 1 ordered that the people of England should have a great bonfire on the night on 5th November.

    And we have been celebrating with Bonfires, Fireworks and a "Guy" to be burnt on the fire! Ever since.........

    Love Sarah xXx

  10. Now that's how bonfire night should be - muddy, warm soup, hot dogs and an almighty bonfire....with fireworks of course - sorry.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Nina xxx

  11. We love our bonfire's at the beach every summer... what a neat idea that an entire village gathers for bonfire night!
    wonderful photos as always...

    Dandelion Wishes,

  12. Oh this bonfire night sounded heavenly, but WHAT are boiled eggs and soldiers?

    Forgive my ignorance!


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. Hi Sarah Jane Down the lane!
    Love your blog, such beautiful images...
    I have a question: One post that particularly inspired me, was the one on Hampton Court Flower Show, back in 09! there was an image of a pizza oven that I would love to build (!) you don't happen to know who the supplier was at all? Or anything that could give me more information on this stunning oven?


  14. Just found your gorgeous blog! I'll be back to read much more - so full of interesting things and lovely pictures!
    Have a lovely day.
    Helen x


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