Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What's the story Autumn Glory?

I dont know about you but Autumn always seems the most magical of seasons to me. It prompts a story telling, fairy tale response from me. (Probably something to do with the Arthur Rackham pictures I had on my walls as a child.) The crab apples decorating the tree outside my kitchen window are very Snow White.....................

...............and so like the apple trees on my Bunnykins plates.
I love the promise of the new day as I poke my nose out of the door, Mr.Boodle sniffs the air and squeals expectantly at the iminent prospect of a walk.

So we cross the field and ford the stream

And find ourselves amongst the grassy tips dripping with twinkling spiders webs and crystal dew drops shimmering in the misty light. The tip of every blade has a perfect dew drop suspended.
I am sure if we looked a little harder we would see the shadows of the fairies darting away on hearing us approach.

" Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Lets go..................."

Avenues of trees with the low Autumn sun sun rising, Little Red Riding Hood may have just passed by on her way to Granny's house.

Always remember to look up! I have to remind myself of this as I could easily miss Mrs.Pepperpot hurrying home!

Careful, not to trip over tree stumps! The old man of the woods will stir.....

Home again!

Now these lovely cherry like apples are for Wendy over at Wendy House.
Thank you Wendy for my award, I love it.
Have a look at Wendy-House if you can it is full of lovliness.
In the meantime I would love to hear about your favourite Fairy Tales....
And for those who were wondering, you will be pleased to know that we all lived happily ever after our walk!



  1. Oh what a lovely post!

    I get the same feeling...about this time of year....I love the Molly Brett pictures, I have two, not actually framed and up...been waiting a long time to do that job...hhmm!
    anyway...they are woodland scenes...fairies, toadstools....such lovely old pictures....
    I so enjoyed your post today!xx

  2. Sarah Jane,

    I love your Autumnal photographs very enchanting looking. I also noticed did you change your header? It's so pretty!

    All things nice..

  3. You took me right into those pictures with your lovely words! They are very snow white tose apples! Love your header! Suzie. xxx

  4. Oh my, what a wonderful walk :)
    I love Autumn...so much beauty and yes, magical!
    Little Red Riding Hood was a favourite, I loved my Granny telling me it.

  5. Beautiful photos. What a lovely place you live in. I thought your crab apples where cherries for a moment and then realised they couldnt be at this time of year! I think there has been a much more magical quality to our autumn this year, probably helped by the good weather, and your photos have really captured this feel.

  6. What an amazing walk, wish I could join you. Such beautiful photos. I absolutely adored anything to do with fairies when I was a girl. The thought of them hiding near the trees and living under toadstools fascinated me, still does actually. Any plans with the apples?

  7. What lovely photos! I associate crab apples with making jelly with my Mother when I was 16. I loved making it.
    The area around where you live is beautiful!
    Isabelle x

  8. I loved Mrs Pepperpot stories! Also the Flower Fairy books and Peter Rabbit.
    What a wonderful walk you have nearby for watching the seasons come and go.
    Lisa x

  9. Oh what a glorious walk, such beauty.
    The film Labyrinth means a great deal to me. My eldest watched continuously when she was little and it holds a dear place in my heart.

  10. This "city girl" just loves seeing photographs of this magical place where you live! Thank you for taking me there through your beautiful photographs and words! Lovely!
    Thanks for the tip about 52 Flea and her hydrangea arrangement...loved it! Enjoy the day! :)

  11. I LOVE how you wrote this up! It is a magical time of year, thats why I don;t whine about summer being over..I love the holidays that follow! Your wood do look a bit spookie..but with the dogs I'd feel safe! I go for walks everyday with my dogs too..love it! Thanks~
    Come say hi :D

  12. Your photos are lovely. You are so lucky to live in such beautiful countryside. I have to navigate lots of busy roads before getting to the park with my dog, he would love to have a run in those wonderful woods.
    Ann x

  13. Oh Sarah!
    I'm so touched to be mentioned in what is a stunning post - the images are so beautiful.
    I would love if Chester and I could join Mr Boodle and yourself for a walk through your enchanted woods.
    This is the most charming mention I have had in blogland, thank you so much.
    Hope you are having as good an evening as you have just made mine. :)

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and such a magical, enchanting season.

    Have a lovely evening Sarah,

    Nina xxx

  15. I love autumn. It's fascinating to watch the seasons change. I love the colours and the darker skies. Beautiful images.

  16. So glad you took us on the walk with you. Magical Sarah.

    Lisa x

  17. Hello ! I love your blog !!

    I want to invite you to participate in my Giveaway !!


    Kisses ^^


  18. Autumn is my favourite season so I’m with you on it being magical

    Victoria xxx

  19. Thank you for this lovely little walk in the woods... your crab apples amazing!

  20. I was so made for Autumn.... beautiful

  21. hallo there! woooooow your blog is sooooo amazing, glad you found my blog so i could come to yours!
    hugs lotten

  22. Such, beautiful, beautiful Autumn photos!!!!! I LOVE Autumn!!!!

  23. Thanks for your message. My reading this year was mainly done after my hysterectomy, when all I did was either cry, sleep or read! It helped me make a small dent in my reading pile, just can't help buying them.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  24. Far too coincidences in your blog posts.. so spooky!
    I adored Arthur Rackham's illustration, Mrs Pepperpot was a true favourite as well, and as for autumn.. can't beat it!!!
    Have you ever read Uncle Lubin written by W.H. Robinson? Wonderful wonderful book..

    Michele xxx

  25. ooohh..cosy postings sarah x
    oh how smartie wishes he was there to share the fun of the woodland walkies & running through the autumn leaves with mr.boodle! i think if smartie was there he would of definately woken up the old man of the woods ;0) x


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