Monday 19 October 2009

He is the Champion my friends.................

Back to my earlier musings on this topic.....still havent seen Jenson and Chris Martin in the same room together..................................................
Congratulations Jenson
How many ways do I love a man who bursts into a bit of spontaneous Queen!
happy days x


  1. Love your Freddie Jenson. Made us chuckle as Freddie is such a sensible driver. I don't really get sport of any kind, but I still loved the report on the radio when he won. Pure unadulterated joy.

    Lisa x

  2. Jenson Button is from Frome in Somerset, just 10 mins drive away from here. It will be interesting to see if the town will celebrate it in some way. I caught the end of it on TV yesterday. I am pleased for him.
    Isabelle x

  3. Ah yes, there was much high pitched squealing going on in our house and that was just the Hubby! It made us laugh when he he broke into song!
    Rachel x

  4. I was so pleased to see Jenson win the Grand Prix Championship yesterday. And I know what you mean about Chris Martin...spookily enough I said the same thing yesterday while watching the grand prix and no one agreed with me!

  5. Yea Jenson...champion of the world! Yes Martin is odd! Come say hi :D

  6. I'm not familiar with Jenson, but that's great that he broke out into Queen. Must have been really happy.

  7. Referring to your comment on my I'm sure you don't fancy him at all!! In my opinion he's definitely the best looking F1 driver by a mile or should that be lap!!

  8. Hi Sarah! Thank you for following my blog! The new header looks great! :)

    P.S. So cool Mr. Martin!

  9. I love that!!! Suzie. xxx

  10. Oh I missed this - I am so out of touch with world news. Chris Martin, oh my goodness, he's beautiful. I didn't know he did a sideline in very fast driving indeed. Now I know.

  11. Hi! I know nothing of F1 apart from there are somevery handsome drivers! There is an award for you on my blog!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  12. Yes, it was brilliant that he won!
    We always watch out for him as my mum's maiden name was Button...and she thinks he could be a very distant relative!!!;-)


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