Thursday 8 October 2009

The house with the purple trees....

As part of the Birthday surprise for little Brother, Magpie (Mum) arranged for us to stay in this fabulous little cottage on the Mornington Peninsula for a few days.
It was divine, an old shack really lots of wings with rooms leading to rooms leading to rooms, like Varikinov in the David Lean version of Doctor Zhivago.

The light here was celestial as you can see.
The place is actually the family home of an Apple producer and the approach to the house were rows upon rows of fruit trees in blossom......

A pergola ran all the way around the house and was smothered in rambling roses in flower and the deepest blue purple wisteria the like I have never seen before.

In the Mornings we sat and had beakfasts of fruit toast with crean cheese and honey, lebanese flat bread with bacon and melting cheese and wonderful freshly ground coffee.

The smell wafting in form the kitchen doors was Spring!

The lady of the house is an artist and walls were filled with her paintings. the love she feels for her home and surroundings just oozes from the pictures and the colours are wonderful. walking around the gardens I felt I would love to capture its glory too! I only managed photographs.

Oh yes I forgot to mention the lemon trees

I loved the pointy finnials adorning the roof, one of them is just visible below

We spent several days out exploring. At the end of one busy day visiting a beautiful garden a tired but happy 3 year old exclaimed "Daddy, I want to go back to the house with the purple trees!" and so that's what we named it.

Back soon with tales from Heronswood and Cloud Hill,
Love Sarah x


  1. Oh, it looks wonderful and your breakfasts sound scrumptious. All of those trees are gorgeous.

  2. How could you bear to come back - it looks so heavenly! Beautiful pictures, too.

    Pomona x

  3. Oh Sarah..this sounds, looks and I'm sure smells like a little piece of heaven! How fun to be there with family..and that breakfast sound yummy. What a wonderful thing to do~
    Come say hi :D

  4. I am sooooo envious. You so had a lovely time. xxxxx

  5. Your love of this place is infectious. x

  6. Ooooh that house is just pure yummy! Although its really hard to get your head around spring! when here its all autumn and cosy fires! lol. What pretty paintings too. how did you drag yourselves away.

    Really lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Gorgeous house, beautiful art work, stunning gardens and very scrummy breakfasts, what a great combination.
    Lisa x

  8. What a stunning location! I love the interior of that house! I can very well imaging having a peaceful breakfast there. The trees are magnificent. For some reason I don't picture Australia like that. I am seeing it in a different light thanks to you pictures. Up to now Australia has never appealed to me.
    Isabelle x

  9. What a lovely post!We've had so much rain and dullness here that it really cheered me up.The colour of the trees,the beautiful house,and the art..a magical place.


  10. That looks idylic!
    What lovely pictures!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  11. What a lovely looking place and your paintings are divine! I must get some Wisteria, i keep saying I will but now I must! Have a sweet day!

  12. Oh Sarah what wonderful pictures. You lucky things! I actually said 'ahh' out loud then; when I read why you named the house 'the house with the purple trees' :DXx

  13. How nice to experience spring all over again in the same year. That house looks very interesting. I love the paintings on the wall and I have never seen a wysteria like that.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. hiya sarah, love the pics from your travels to oz - i'm still on dial up connection here so took a little while to load them but well worth it! hehe! what a lovely place to stay! x

  15. oh it sounds and looks like heaven, thanks for your lovely comment! fliss xx

  16. Aaahhhhh truly scrumptious! What a wonderful treat and a heavenly place to stay - beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  17. Oh thank you for sharing this with us! I want to live there! Suzie. x

  18. Oh you lucky girl...this little getaway looks so charming! I always forget that you are able to enjoy blossoms right now as we are raking leaves. Enjoy!

  19. Wow, how beautiful does that look! I would be more than happy working in that garden. I hope there is more too come!!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Love Lou xxx

  20. What a magical little place! What a joy to find such a lovely house you can come back to again and again!
    Christine x

  21. absolutely charming!! Thank you for sharing ~

  22. Hi Sarah me again. Just to let you know there's an award for you over at my blog. Hope you don't mind me linking to you. Xx


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