Saturday 17 October 2009


I have been fortunate to travel to Australia several times to see those Faraways of mine and one thing that never fails to excite and inspire me is the food.

There are so many influences at work it is always creative and the ingredients are everything. I could wax lyrical about the Victoria Markets (and probably will do in a future post!) the meat, fish , vegetables, fruit, herbs, breads, patisserie..................wondeful, and brilliantly priced. I love to visit markets they are so vibrant and this is absoloutley my favourite anywhere in the world.

I picked up the Australian "Entertaining & Travel" issue of VOGUE and these images are taken from it. The food styling is so good dont you think? Something else which also inspires me whenever I cross the globe is the detail and design ethos which shines through in all the food images I have seen.

Now I must tell you about COOKIE.
My SIL is the most wonderful guide when it comes to gastonomic tourism, she took me to so many brilliant cafes and eateries and I could literally write a fabulous food guide! This one took the biscuit! ( tee hee)
You enter Cookie from the most unpromising street level lobby and head up in a small dark lift to the second floor where you pass through municipal double doors into this!

Amazing light filled space, with lofty celing height and birds flying around and landing on the beams overhead. The tables are black lacquer topped and each have a square of vintage fabric covered with a smaller square of lace. The walls are covered in blown up black and white images apart from the main wall as you enter which is dressed in the Cookie wallpaper.

There are double stained glass doors the length of the building each leading out to individual balconies where you can sit amongst the tree tops watching Melbourne City life unfold from above.
Oh and the food? AMAZING, fusion of Asian inspired treats we had little spicy dumplings a bit like Dim Sum but more fragrant and spicier. Every plate that emerged from the kitchens was almost too pp[retty to eat. Sorry I didn't photo it, we ate it!

At the other end of the scale from city bites we also visited a lavender farm out near Daylesford called Lavendula, here it is. There was a charming Trattoria here where we ate stunningly good food. Bolognase with Osso Bucco, it was so good as it was a damp drizzly sort of day. And then there were the puddings...........................

Which we didn't need! But could not turn down.
Little Bro couldn't wait to start his Ricotta, Fig and Chocolate tart

SIL indulged in Mandarin and Polenta cake, believe me this was drenched in the most incredible mandarin and booze infused syrup.

And I? Well I had this Sicillian apple tart, I dont know why Sicillian but it tasted amazing!

Love those plates too!
As I said I have more stories in this vein, I just picked out a couple to share with you, are you hungry yet!
Back in Melbourne even the neighbourhood cafes are amazing little gems, there are several near my Faraways and all are better than good. Back to the design side of things all had real character and some even dressed up on the outside.......................

Just driving past this place makes me happy!

Hope you have a scrummy weekend x


  1. 'Mmmmmm' all those cakes and pies and with a name like Cookie - how could anyone resist?!?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. What beautuiful pictures. Cookie looks like a fabulous place. Yup - I'm now very hungry!
    Have a great weekend. Xx

  3. Looks such a fantastic place! Love the pics, really colourful and moresome! Suzie. xxx

  4. oh ms down-the-kane, you are doing so great! the 'corner store' is just around the corner from my parents and the food there is fabulous; beautiful, home-made greek inspired and all day breakfast too. and the women who run it treat everyone like extended family. next time you are in daylesford (which of course you will be!) you MUST get to 'cliffy's' for lunch - it uses all local produce, and is the most adorable setting. so glad oz treated you well. x

  5. Hey Shelley, I simply love Clffy's!!!! We have been there twice and you are right it is fantastic. I bought my beautiful SIL some helebores from the lovely nursery next door! How is MEL-bUN (as my little minkeys call it)has Spring Sprung?
    Love Sarah x

  6. Oh Cookie! I love Cookie! Such a lovely vista out onto the streets of Melbourne if you get to sit on the balcony! Hello you! x

  7. Hello yourself Lady Mike!

    Oh Man those clogs.............

    Must get organised and do the Meme!

    Hope the shop is busytastic? S-J-D-T L x

  8. Wow, everything looks delicious. I am definitely hungry here. Love the side of the milk bar cafe, really cute. Thanks for sharing everything with us. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

  9. Ooh! Yummy! A bit part of the pleasure of travel is eating!


  10. Why do we love food so much?! Oh, I'm so jealous, I would love to do this..what a joy that would be. I think I've gained 5 lbs. just by looking at all this yummy food! I hope the food in Heaven is even more divine and has NO calories! Come say hi :D

  11. Hi Sarah! I tried to leave you a comment last weekend but the comment form didn't work! Perhaps do you work for the Michelin food guide???!! Such yummy cakes!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Stop it - you are making me so hungry!! What delicios looking food.xxxxxx

  13. What wonderful quality food! Oh foody heaven.

  14. I have died and gone to foodie heaven. As my little one would say 'I want yo UMM it'. Umm.

  15. I have just found your blog! I live in Melbourne.
    Next time you are out here - off to Kyneton (before getting to Daylesford) and have lunch or dinner at "Annie Smiths" there. Wonderful!

  16. Ahoy yourself! Shiver me timbers.

  17. Oh it all looks delicious, you're making me very hungry!
    Rachel x

  18. Lots of scrummy desserts! I would definitely go into that milk bar, how could you resist when it's so beautifully decorated on the outside.
    Lisa x

  19. oh my what an amazingly yummy post today...I think I so want to go out for dinner and dessert tonight! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment the other day!

  20. The more I read about your holiday in Australia, the more I am changing my mind about the place! Thyere is a lot more to it than I imagined. The magazine looks really interesting. When I go abroad, I always buy magazines there for different ideas and inspiration.
    The desserts look delicious!
    Have a great week

  21. ooo yum, ricotta fig and choc tart!! my mouth is a watering ;)

  22. The food and that restaurant looks amazing. Beautiful photos.

  23. that food looks a-maz-ing....! Wow! Thanks for coming by my blog! Have a great day!


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