Thursday 5 November 2015

Gusts and rust...must be Autumn...

I know it has been an age since I was here with you...I'm sad about that. There are a fistful of posts sliding elusively through my fingers, half formed, half thoughts that never quite made it...I hate regret, it pierces through me but let's not be morose, here we are again, all is well.
Today you find me Indulging in all the small details of the table in the hallway outside the boot room. It's a thoroughfare, and I don't often linger here, but today in the half light the heather and the chrysanthemums are quietly singing and so I pause...

I am indulging my penchant for candlelight, baskets, autumn flowers...natural colours with dusty, rusty lamps earlier in the day to combat the dimming light and the mist that has swallowed us whole. As the days shorten I long to be home before true inky black arrives here on our hill. Having said that, I never tire of the thrill of seeing, in the distance, the house, or rather the windows lit with amber light as we turn onto the top of the Lane. My heart leaps for home!

Outside the rain is tumbling and torrential, the gutters splutter and splash and the wind is torturing the last leaves clinging to trees. I listen to it all in the lamplight and send a silent prayer of thanks to the oak frame that wraps around us its back to the black...


  1. IT is always nice to see you! Love the photos! Enjoy Fall!

    1. Ah, thank you Elizabeth...very nice to hear from you too! -x-

  2. It all looks so cosy. Lovely pictures.

  3. Such a lovely cosy post. Enjoy every moment in your beautiful home. Lovely to see your post pop up tonight.

    1. Thanks Leisa...I will, it's so kind of you to say so -x-

  4. Great post and beautiful warm colours

    All things nice...

    1. Hello to you, hope all is well in your world, great to hear from you -x-

  5. Hope you've been keeping cosy and away from that pesky rain.
    Lisa x

  6. Hello Sarah!

    I'm contacting you on behalf of the Brownsville Oregon Garden Club about a photo of yours from this article:

    Cottage Garden Cool!
    June 19, 2014 · by Kathy Woodard

    We're a very new, small club in a very small town, and we'd like to use your photo to promote a fund raiser -- our first "Garden Tour" of 4 local gardens.

    Please contact me at and I can show you which one -- assuming you don't already object. :)

    Many thanks for considering our request!

    Shelly Ellingson
    Brownsville, Oregon


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