Thursday 18 February 2016

Gallivanting and home again...

Hello Hello! Been off gallivanting...Copenhagen in December and Australia in January...since then. Hmmm, not sure, been in the bunker of home I suppose, head down ironing out the travel creases. Oh and then of course I fell down the Pinterest worm-hole, which, as I am sure you know, operates in a another whole dimension of time and space. 
Time faraway spent with the "Faraways" is a rare treat for us and so we wring every drop of the days...I am etching onto memory plates, writing endless nonsense into my notebook because if I don't I'll lose the essence. Summer days spent on the other side of this earth also seem strangely surreal as though my real life is in suspended animation. 

We stayed in a wonderful Farmstead down on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. The Faraways stay their often and I visited there myself some years ago. The driveway cuts between orchards of quince, apple, lemons, avocado, plums...heaven! Enough of my rambling...I'll show you...

I should also say, to my very great joy and endless amazement, I have friends who I discovered here in this on-line magicarium who, I had the very great pleasure of variously visiting, staying with, bumping into! Miss Pen Pen and two exceptional cats, Lynda Gardener's The White Room and thanks to my sister in law, discovering the gorgeous l'uccello.

Sigh...It's good to sit and edit my reams of diving back into it...

leaving is always feels like this...

 Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.


  1. Your pictures are so lovely, and each one makes me feel as if I am there...even though I have never been. Love your blog.

  2. Thank you so happy you enjoyed it -x-

  3. How lovely to get a second summer! Wonderful photos.

  4. O My goodness I have been following your blog for some time ( I do so love it) anyway our son owns the Royal Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula ....Please come to Wanaka in New Zealand some day.I do so love your blog My daughter (who would be about your age would just love you too.

    1. Oh wow! I must admit New Zealand is on the list for our next long haul trip...Wanaka it is! We saw the Royal Hotel when we visited the market at Mornington...the world is such a small place! Thanks for the kind words -x-

  5. Oh my word, just beautiful photographs! What a way to start the year! Jane x


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