Wednesday 11 September 2013

Summer slips...

All at once Summer has slipped away and Autumn's arrival is heralded with cool winds, an abundance of fruits heavy in the hedgerows and a yearning for a new colour palette to paint my days...
* image on the left by Sharyn Cairns, styled by Geraldine Munoz
**Image on the right from L O L I T A
Dark and warm
~ caramel, chocolate, antique rose, warm black, blackberry, elderberry, conker, acorn, sage, ripened wheat and a hint of golden yarrow~
I love that my colour palette flowed from food to botanica! Quite unintentional and yet somehow perfect....
 ~And now the roses are tapestry stitched~
~The berries are hips and haws and crabs~
~The posies are transfers on china~
~The jewels that sparkle are early morning meadow treasure~

 Yes! The secret lacing society works silently during the night to thrill the Boodle and I each morning with dew encrusted settings dangling from the limbs of summer brown grasses

Early morning mist settles around the house, there is a hush, the landscape beyond is veiled. Sometimes I feel like a time traveller standing and staring, wondering which century I'm in and who is standing alongside me in another time...
...and I see pattern everywhere...even the tire treads on the tractor leaving their muddy chevron trails.
The logs we have been breaking our backs to move from the woods to the barn will soon be merrily crackling in the woodburner.
The trees in the orchard are glowing with russet baubles. I thank my lucky stars to have been born here in temperate England where the four seasons are quite distinct. I long for the signs we are shifting from one to the next, you can almost smell the change before it happens. I adore seasonal food. This weekend will see me pickling and jamming...the alchemy of it! I suppose I find the rhythm of it soothing, back to repetition and pattern making of another sort I suppose?
I almost forgot...the title of this post is "Summer slips..." I have been musing over the inference . I love the idea that Autumn is somehow Summers' petticoat, giving body and substance, all ruffles and contrast...
Here's to A u t u m n
Wishing you warmth


  1. Oh, so perfect. I wish I were there...

  2. I love autumn and your words and pics are beautiful.

  3. Lovely post!
    I too immediately thought of 'petticoats' when I saw your post title - must be my age, young ladies today don't know what a slip is lol!

    I have to keep myself busy today and the next few days, as my lovely Rosie cat had to be put to sleep this morning and I'm heartbroken. So keeping busy is one way of coping. Preserving to do with a kitchen laden with hedgrow fruit, should keep me occupied.

  4. i really love your blog,and your pinterest too!!! your pictures are very very beautiful!

    bye bye,angie!

  5. This is such a wonderful, enchanting post! I love your images and especially adore your, 'secret lacing society'! This is a special time of year, one that draws us in and makes us pause to look and listen. Minerva x

  6. What a lovely post... loving the webs!! Cx

  7. Just Beautiful!

    Madelief x

  8. You weave such a beautiful story...can't wait for Autumn either. Sharon x

  9. Happy Fall! A beautiful post with fabulous photos!

  10. What a lovely post, and stunning photos. They look straight out of Country Living!

  11. just beautiful x

  12. What a beautiful welcome for autumn. Love your words and photos.

  13. A lovely post.....just as I remember your beautiful country.Thanks for bringing me back for a little while, Anita xo

  14. Lovely photos - autumn has been noticeable for a couple of weeks around here but this morning I noticed for the first time up on the moor that everywhere was spread with beautiful lacy spider webs.

  15. I really enjoyed your post today, the pictures are wonderful, especially the spiders webs. I am so ready for Autumn and enjoying its arrival. Betty

  16. What a lovely post, Autumn is with you while spring is with us.

  17. Wonderful images, I'm happy the autumn is here.

  18. Such a romantic post.
    I love the thought of the secret lacing society!
    Lisa x

  19. What a beautiful autumnal fix Sarah.

    Nina x


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