Saturday 21 September 2013

Memories for dessert

Back in June, on a day when the sun was trying to burst through a hoop of tracing paper we went to Dungeness.
Dungeness, the only place in England designated  a "desert". At the far south eastern tip where the land flattens and the horizon multiplies. Other worldly, weather beaten, shingle beach with rusting shacks, railway carriages and fishing boats. Home to, amongst other things, a nuclear power station, 5 lighthouses at one time or another and over 600 plant species. It is a very special place with a unique atmosphere, I am struggling to define. Perhaps it is the power station quietly throbbing in the distance. Perhaps it's the proximity of Romney Marsh, ethereal green flatlands ~ threaded with waterways cloaked in sea mists. Dickens' location for Pip's first encounter with Magwitch.. Perhaps it's the alien nature of the landscape, the crunch of shingle underfoot. Shingle peppered with plants, clumps and carpets of colour, unexpectedly beautiful. The colours of Dungeness are thrilling set, as they are, against the neutral shingle~sea~sky horizontals.
You are wondering? 
Well first of all I have been economic with information as it wasn't simply the usual tribe of me, Mr. Lane and Boodle on this expedition. For this outing we were joined by none other than my faraway brother! All the way from Melbourne via Finland! I can't suppress a smile even as I write this three months later, so great the pleasure to be together again for a few snatched days.
...visit Prospect Cottage. The much feted home and garden of the late, great film director Derek Jarman. We have been several times before and its allure never fades. A garden bursting through the shingle, beds, such as they are defined by pebble borders, flotsam and jetsam sculptures. Rusted boat jumble with garlands of old rubber washers... 
I can't tell you how lovely it all was. 
Fish & Chips out of newspaper on the beach and just to be...
...with my best boys...
Looking through the pictures again is as fortifying as a whole bowlful of  favourite pudding (possibly warm raspberry bakewell tart) with lashings of cream and seconds...memories for dessert.


  1. Oh my dear, what a beautiful post.
    I am finding that it is hard for most people to see the natural beauty of a place, so happy that you can do so!
    Of course, the happiness of being in the company of your "best boys" shines through also.
    Lovely, post, thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. lovely sj
    one day i will get to see it

  3. Hi, it's a hauntingly beautiful place. We visited in February half term and even when it is freezing cold it has a ethereal quality to it.

    I'd love to visit in summer and see the flowers blooming. Prospect cottage looks well worth a visit. I also would like to travel on the little railway. Looks like fun.

  4. I so want to go here but haven't managed yet, it looks magical, one of these days

  5. How lovely to share this special place with your brother. I' 've seen a TV programme about Prospect Cottage and it does look well worth seeing.

  6. We have just returned from a weeks holiday staying in a railway carriage at Selsey further along the coast. They had the book of Derek Jarman's garden which I enjoyed reading. It looks wonderful in your pictures. It was great to see all the wildflowers in flower in your first picture. We saw many wildflowers in the shingle but they had all gone to seed.
    Sarah x

  7. Oh my, absolutely beautiful!

  8. You've woven such a lovely story of this beautiful place, dotted with the odd wild flower and looks hauntingly beautiful...

  9. All so very pretty, I just love looking at your photos.

  10. I have a copy of Derek Jarman's book about his garden at Prospect Cottage, and it is on my wish list to go there one day, so I really enjoyed seeing your pics. Shingle and sea kale and low skies......

  11. What a treat to have had a little visit from your brother.
    Such a stunning garden, bursting with colour and shapes and it must have looked so beautiful in the brilliance of the summer sun .
    Lisa x

  12. Oh thank you for the trip down memory lane. It has been so many years since I have visited this area. I think I was still at school! How great that you were able to share this with your brother too. xx

  13. Just beautiful. .. I was reading on the side bar ..YOU said SUSSEX would that be brighton area > I stayed there awhile .. LONG story but a good one .I loved that area and I stayed on High View Avenue in Patcham ? Not sure if your near there .. but awesome to find your blog. I loved it . I am your newest follower. Cant make too many friends. Have a blessed rest of the week . toodles


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