Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cornwall "dressed over-all"

Yachts may “Dress Overall” in the UK on special 
occasions such as Trafalgar Day, Navy Days, or in the presence of a Royal Standard or Flag of the Head of State or a foreign Sovereign. 
Also on these days...
6th February  Accession Day 
2nd Monday in March  Commonwealth Day 
21st April  HM the Queen’s Actual Birthday 
Saturday in June (ICW DCI's)  HM the Queen’s Official Birthday 
2nd June  Coronation Day 
10th June  The Duke of Edinburgh's Birthday

It was so exciting to see all the boats dressed over-all for the Flotilla.
There are so many Regattas held in Cornwall during the summer months, you will often see nautical flags flying but over the Jubilee weekend, my goodness me the boats looked fantastic and so did all our favourite haunts...brilliant effort considering the rather unsporting weather!

In summary, 
wellies ~ essential. Flowers and flags abound.
The land of Trelawney dotted with thrift, laced with valerian, daisies for buttons.
Bunting and boats, pasties and street parties with all the pomp a Cornish village can muster.
Rain, rock-pools and rosy cheeks...I give you my postcard from celebratory Kernow...

 Sweet honeysuckle let me linger here
Among thy fragrance issued in a shower.
How blissful thus to muse where Nature pours
Her incense forth in hollows watch'd with hills,
And roof'd with stars, and floor'd with living flowers!
0 what a temple is the leafy wood,
The rude old carn, the ocean's solemn shore,
The valley's bosom, and the meadow's lap!
I love thee, Nature, with a fire unfeign'd,
And ever at thy feet thy child would sit
In pleasant meditation, where the eye
Of selfish man beholds not my retreat,
In storm or calm, when heaven is blue or black,
Learning thy lore, and treasuring up thy truth.
Could I have had my choice, my home would be
Among the rocks and rivers, fens and ferns,
From human hives as lonely as a crag.
Here, hermit-like, I'd pass away my hours,
Drinking at Nature's fountain, undisturb'd
By trump or tumult, writing simple song,

excerpt from "A story of Carn Brea", by John Harris


  1. Red, white and blue how fabulous and so dreamy *big sigh* - I think I would of been excited too.

    Nina xxx

  2. It was a fabulous postcard too.
    Carol xx

  3. Thank you, lovely to see your Cornwall pictures when it's rainy, windy and grey outside my window. Your photos are just lovely.

  4. I love these photos & I can't wait for my holidays now. Dorset though, not Cornwall.....that's next year.

    I wish it could be the Jubilee celebrations all over again!

    Sam x

  5. Sarah Jane, so lovely to see a new post this morning. Happy the trip to Cornwall was filled with pleasure. You are thoughtful to share your images with all of us. Thanks for the note about the sampler. I may use it in a later post. If I do, I'll let you know. It's truly a fabulous piece of history. How lucky that you have it. The Jubilee celebrations were great fun, even for us here in the states. ~ Sarah Jane Across the Pond

  6. Lots of fun and celebrations were had by the looks. Lovely photos of such a pretty place in the world.
    Lisa x

  7. Lovely photos of the jubliee from Cornwall, it always lovely to see pictures from there.
    Sarah x

  8. Such beautiful photos you have taken. What program do you use for your mosaics?

  9. Oh to step into those pictures. x

  10. Stunning and inspiring.


  11. Beautiful images - so whimsical and delightful! Gorgeous excerpt too - it all makes me just sit here sighing dreamily with a smile on my face...lovely!
    Paula x

  12. A lovely selection of photos, I'm seeing quite a few of Cornwall on various blogs at the moment and it's making me want to visit again.

  13. Hi sweet friend...such a pretty spot..I am in love with all the bunting. xoxoxo Hope you are well. Hugs

  14. Missy Sarah-Jane.... do you receive email notification of comments made on your lovely, wonderful blog, here? Because I've started at exactly two months ago on my catch up reading and have left a little erratic string of comments....heh, heh...ahem. (Why can't I do anything the normal and steady way like everyone else does? Too bohemian? Yeah, yeah - that's it! ;))


    PS I'll have to come back for the last months installment, later, on my tea break - time to go out and garden - yippee! =]

  15. What a beautiful post....I love posts that make me dream .....and the sight of Cornwall in all your photos makes me want to be there so much.

    Fleur xx

  16. What a lovely Cornish post, thanks for sharing
    Erna xx


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