Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gone fishing

Hope you are enjoying the festivities? 
We are off to Cornwall for a while...can't wait to smell the sea again...and see the Cornish villages I love all be-decked in their finest...flags and flowers everywhere...
See you when we return.

* the amazing painting is called Helford Flags and Flowers by Joanne Short


  1. Hoping you have a good time and that you have the sunshine we have in Brittany.

    Diane. x

  2. We went to Cornwall last spring but never made it to Helford. Planning another trip this year to see what we missed in northern Cornwall. Such a magical place - have a wonderful time!

  3. Have a wonderful time! We're hoping to go to Cornwall in October. :0)

  4. Have fun,,,and enjoy the beautiful ocean.

  5. Have fun, Sarah Jane Down the Lane. I love writing that! ;-)
    Take lots of photos of those charming villages to share with all of us when you return. ~ Sarah Jane Across the Pond.

  6. Enjoy yourselves. My parents are coming up this way, perhaps you'll pass each other on the way!

  7. How lovely, hope the weather is kind to you, enjoy. jayne x

  8. Hope you have a lovely little holiday! Can't wait to see the photos :)

  9. Sarah Jane, I don't see an email contact for you, so I hope you'll respond to this note. I'd like to feature your blog on my Jubilee post. May I have permission to use a couple of your photos of the sweet sampler and link back to the post where you shared this piece?
    Hope you are checking in while on vacation. I'd like to post this piece Tuesday. Thank you! ~ Sarah Jane

  10. Have a ball!!!!



  11. Hope you have a lovely time and that you haven't been blown or washed away!

  12. Hello dear SJDTL... I hope you managed to find a sunny corner of Helford to soak up the Cornish good life. I am sure we will bump into each other down there one day. Did you go and see The Roskilly's empire this time?
    We cannot visit our old home of Coverack without sampling the fine fayre of that most enterprising family.
    Love from
    Michele xx

  13. what a gorgeous happy picture. brightens my cold winters day in nz.trills.:-)


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