Friday 29 June 2012

Salad Days

I must always be mindful that happiness is now ~ always in the here and now, never to come at some future point when I get "that thing" (whatever "that thing" is! I never could work that out.) These are my Salad Days and I know it implicitly, although happily, I do seem to have had Salad Days in every decade of my life.
All of them so totally different, all so complete and wonderous. If I have the chance to meet myself coming back I wont breathe a would spoil the surprises, trust in yourself, be kind and open~hearted that's all...not to say there wont be sadness but you are strong enough. 
So, these are my Salad Days, Slowly being eaten away... ( that's for you Viv, I know you'll know!)
At home I am spending early mornings and late into the evening has a magnetic hold over me this place. First thing I follow Boodle around whilst he is doing his rounds, him with his nose in every blade of grass, me with my nose thrust over a hot mug of tea. We greet the birds and rabbits, they don't startle this early, perhaps they are used to us?
In the evening watching the sunsets is obilgatory, following the orange, sliding out of sight over the hills. As dusk falls the roses seem to glow...
and sometimes in the distance at the bottom of "Rounders" the thrill of a hot air balloon.

 As with any good salad it's all in the mix as they say.
 I have had a sweet dolly mixture of a week since we last spoke.

This is Bracken sleeping outside a Farmhouse further Down the Lane, she was my friend from the moment we met. I was there to adorn Gigi's house with flowers...pas de problem!
 ...and then we partied... a lot! Mr.Lane and I walked home, back up The Lane in the inkiest, blackest night. Uphill, wobbling into the verge, giggling and cursing as we went.
As soon as we walked into the kitchen my mobile sprang into life...what? But it's so late/early...we looked at one another...ahhhhh, YES!
News of the best sort... a new tiny Faraway heart flipped over like a pancake
The heat began to build here on Tuesday, heavy and slow. Boodle and I panted our way through the long grass in Home field. Wednesday continued in the same vein...we slept with the windows open and most of the creatures of Sussex seemed to gravitate to our room where they buzzed and flapped all night long.
Thursday broke so hot it stank of life, vibrant and intense I could smell every fibre of every stem of every plant. The roses, honeysuckle and orange blossom were swoon inducing. 
I hopped in the car and unbuttoned every conceivable opening in search of air, I headed out along the grey tarmac ribbon with the scent of summer swirling in and out of the open windows.
I headed for Wisborough Green and Sussex Country Brocante .
 Organised by the lovely Lucy of Love Lane Vintage fame, Sussex Country Brocante is a monthly fair held in Wisborough Green Village Hall. 
To quote Lucy :
"Our stall holders for this Thursdays fair are all beautiful, we have everything from old painted furniture, pretty vintage homeware, antiques, children's clothes, per-loved ladies clothes including lots of cabbages & roses, candles and products by Parkminster, Pickle & Pie lovingly made pies etc, Marius with his homegrown roses and sweet peas, The Vintage Garden Company. Real coffee, tea and cakes allay in our tearooms. Doors open 11 am - 4 pm. If the sun shines I will set tables up outside for tea x "

 I must tell you that the sausage rolls from Pickle and Pie were sensational! I had such a lovely natter with Lucy and a rather good cuppa. A mooch around the pretty stalls, there was much to admire, sweet pea bunches....but the sweetest of all...these two...
...modelling beautiful flowers by Gil Fox and wearing velvet dresses teamed with Mary-Janes, they stole the show!

 The next fair is on Thursday 19th July, check Love Lane Vintage here for details.

So much to be happy about...Salad Days indeed, speaking of which I really should eat more...salad!


  1. a new faraway! I haven't seen them in ages.... congratulations!
    I could smell it all from your description....heady.

  2. Dropping by to wish you happy days, salads and otherwise. ;-)
    ~ Sarah Jane Across the Pond.

  3. Congratulations to all on the arrival of baby Faraway, how exciting.
    Loved this post, so full of summer and scent, you write so beautifully.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  4. Very pretty post
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Early morning for me here in France- all quiet but not much sun.
    Have just read your post whilst drinking my large cup of tea.
    What a wonderful post both in images and especially in words.
    Thank you for a magic moment.
    Hope your salad days continue, I'd just like some more summer - I think we all need that now.

    Diane. x

  6. I held my breath as I read your post, it twisted and turned, one thing more lovely than the next, the two little girls (i have a big girl and it always makes me nostalgic) adorable, and what a fair, and what a place you live in, and, and, just a gorgeous post. Wish I could say I had such a week, I have been indoors since Monday with a stinker of a head cold, and then Thursday the storms! It cheered me up with my morning cuppa, thank you. jayne x

  7. A beautifully written post, started off very tranquil and as Jayne says, with twists and turns, and always divine pictures ... love the picture of the foxgloves and delphiniums, reminds me of the Cath Kidston wallpaper lining the staircase in the Leeds shop!
    All very lovely ... xxx

  8. Oh wow Sarah such great delights and a new little one - how exciting *squeal*

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  9. Sarah, Such a beautiful, heartfelt post. It's just full of life. Thanks for sharing! x

  10. Thank you for popping by my blog and for your lovely comments ... My daughter has decided The Dress isn't quite her anyway, so it's a good job I didn't buy it! Xxx

  11. What a delightful post, you have such a way with words.

  12. Such a lot of wonderful things you have been up to.

  13. Aww what a magical post...
    I loved it all and the new arrival, just wonderful news....
    Loved popping into your hazy, dazy summer days....
    Have a Sunday full of kindness!

  14. Salad Days indeed! What a lot of things to be thankful for - a beautiful garden, gorgeous flowers, loyal pets, pretty things AND a new addition - happiness IS indeed what surrounds us! A lovely post.
    Paula xx

  15. Ooooo! I made the most beautifully artisan salad for the Fourth of July. ;) It was a first, for me to create something like that - usually I'm so typical. There must be a metaphor for life in there, somewhere! and, i wish that I could write some beautiful prose like this - I feel it, though, and that will have to be close enough. Love this post! =]

    Summer IS such a time to be *alive*! =]



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