Wednesday 18 January 2012

Windy Day

Still from John and Faith Hubley's "Windy Day"

The wind is howling around our timber framed house today - moaning and groaning, timbers creaking... at my painting class this week we looked at the effect of wind on different subjects. It was fun, I hadn't thought about painting a windy picture as I generally paint/draw still life but I am enthused and so I decided to look around the jolly old tinternet to research the subject. To my utter surprise and delight I stumbled across this magical animation~Windy Day.

I have always loved illustration and the drawings in this are joyful and spontaneous. The film was made in 1968 by John and Faith Hubley who taped a conversation between their daughters Georgia and Emily discussing, well, life in general as well as devising a Medieval play and ruminating on age and death as only the very young do. The animation was then built around their musings so it is wonderfully abstract and yet some of their observations are touchingly honest and poignant.

If you have time do watch the film (9 minutes long) it is a wonderful piece of work - the line drawing and backgrounds are really fresh and I love the colours too...from the first stumbling notes and the opening panning shot I was it is

 I am reminded how amazing, imaginative and perceptive children are. As cassette recorders and tapes are no longer fashionable and indeed, considered "low tech" , the fun that my brother and I had as children recording ourselves singing, performing Goon show scripts, Muppet shows and indeed playing the recorder all seems a very long time ago. But I should like nothing better than to listen to tapes of the latest generation of Littles in our family musing over whatever they choose...
Aren't these stills beautiful? If you are interested in reading more about the Hubleys and "Windy Day" then check Michael Sporn's animation blog here .

In the meantime I am off to find my recorder stash... I heard that groan Husband and Brother!

Have a great week


  1. is the wind blowing winter away or are you in its firm grip?
    just finished two late night batches of strawberry jam
    kitchen was boiling hot
    all done now
    licking the spoon i could taste the scones and cream......

  2. Hail kindred spirit ... we used to make tapes of all those things too - well, Dad was the one who knew the Goon's scripts - and I still have all my recorders and still play them.

    And the animation, what a wonderful find, thank you so much for sharing it with us :D

  3. What a sweet little film.
    I used to make up plays with my cousin on her tape recorder.

  4. Oh my what a darling film. Love your inspiration today my friend...hugs. xoxo Stay cozy

  5. I really enjoyed this post, Miss Sarah Jane! but, I haven't had a chance to watch the video, yet. I've decided that I want to save it for a windy day in March. That's the proper season for it, in these parts. I love children's books and illustrations! They tap into something that isn't quite lost but buried deep.


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