Monday 9 January 2012


Well ~ 
I have been tumbled and bundled and blown and strewn all the way back to the Lane from a New Year spent in wind whipped Cornwall. I would like to say that as a result I look fashionably tousled...unfortunately I am more inclined to admit I look rather washed and wan.

Cornwall, on the other hand, looked as ravishing as she ever does in Midwinter - all sparse and bare boned and all the more beautiful for it. I love the muted colour of a January coastal landscape, it seems to suit my mood.

I am sure it will not surprise you to hear that I have been reflecting on what has passed and ruminating on what's to come. (Obligitary, is it not during the first foray into January?) I have perused my postings and wondered if there is a single photograph to stand as an epitaph for 2012 and the truth is no there isn't.

Last year was brilliant in many ways. Starting out as it did with the bitter disappointment of losing out on THIS house, learning to bear it and then Lady luck threw us a double six, so here we are, arriving in June.The downhill part of 2012 a pleasure, discovery, delight, new friends. There I will leave it...2011 I shall ever be thankful for this new Lane.

But what of the tantalising Cornish break? I know that my Faraways will be longing for their Cornish "fix" so here she is...all pinky grey granite and glowing emerald and watery silver...
Finally some colour creeps in 
 The camelia confetti made me smile - so abundant and decadent, unexpected and so early?
 Last night I saw a preview of David Hockney's forthcoming exhibition (Check out Countryfile on i-player). It was extraordinary, the way he sees colour reminds me of the impressionists. I was particularly struck by the ease with which he has embraced new technology - his i-pad sketches are fantastic. He has the ability to make you look again at the ordinary. Returning again and again to the same subject and seeing it differently every time - wonderful. I will definitely be heading to the RA to see "A Bigger Picture" this month.

I am not one for resolutions but I do like to refocus, I like perspective and to be open minded and to really see. I wish you all a very Happy, if belated, New year.

With love for 2012,


  1. Lovely post thank you for the Cornwall fix, I saw DH too, wasn't he simply splendid painting on his ipad!

  2. Beautiful photos.

    Best Wishes for 2012

  3. Ooh,lovely! Can never have enough of Cornwall.
    Happy New Year to you,hope it's a great one! :0)

  4. like a lion - out like a lamb? ;) =]

    I LOVE those colors that nature throws us in the winter and at the ocean!

    Hello, Sarah-Jane!=]

    I haven't been missing but I have been, oh, so quiet for a while.

    Firstly, I want you to know that I went through the move with you - heart beating! It reminded me so much of when we saw this house (now, home!) I wrote you a wonderful epistle telling you so, too, but, when I asked for it to be published (as happens every once in a while), I got a very strange error message and my comment disappeared forever. I could not, for the life of me, find it! (and, believe you me - I tried and tried) Then, a few posts later, I tried it again, and it randomly happened all over....and, it's not cosmic fate, at all - just irritating happenstance. =( and, then, I fell off the face of the earth (well, that's just what it sounded like but I've really been here all of the time.) I'm telling you all of this because I want you to know that I wasn't unmoved about, move. I've been following you along all along and with quite a smile on my face - I am SO happy for you!=]

    and, well, here we are in a brand new, fresh year!!! Wishing you the best and so many more good times ahead,

    Katy Noelle xo

  5. Lovely pictures of Cornwall. Wishing you a Happy New Year, thanks for such a great blog.

  6. Aah yes, lovely Cornwall .. very definitely the best time to be there, so long as it's dry of course. To my shame I haven't been down there for months and months.
    Happy New Year xxxx

  7. Oh, deary me! I'm laughing with joy to hear back from you!!! and, I've been a bit of a flutter because I am a quirky cracker and I left that silly message on your post for all to see. But, who cares! What is really lovely is how life opens up in the most wonderful ways - like new homes and odd times that make us grow and understand how beautiful life is in a much better way - and, saying that....once again..... have a happy, fresh, next year! =]

  8. Stunning pictures! A Happy New Year to you too....

    Lou x x x

  9. same to you lovely...hope it's a fun year.
    Lovely pictures - all blending beautifully together.
    fee x

  10. Aaah, Sarah Jane, welcome back to your lovely lane.
    Oooh, you do take a lovely picture or two, I must say. You;ve captured the essence of those buildings beautifully.

    Im with you on the resolutions, nothing too concrete, more of an abstract.


  11. I know I have a pathetic one track mind but i have the most lovely book about David Hockney with gorgeous pics he did of his beloved Sausage dogs....ok I also have one about Picasso and lump :-) We all collect something.....
    Hope you are well Ms Down the Lane
    P x

  12. Hello, I just blog hopped here, how nice to meet you :D

    I love the sea and shore in winter too. I once holidayed for a week in December in Beer, Devon. Folk thought I was crazy but it is one of the best holidays I've ever had.

    Gorgeous photographs, and I love your blog ... I'll be back :D

  13. Lovely photos!
    Happy New Year to you.

  14. Oh dear one...such pretty photos as resolutions here either....hugs to you dear one. xoxoxo

  15. Lovely photos as always.
    A bit late in saying so, but Happy New Year Sarah-Jane, may 2012 bring you lots of happy times.
    Lisa x

  16. Oh lordy... here we are coming to the close of January soon and I haven't even wished you a Happy New Year. So with this belated but most sincere greeting.. I hope these coming months bring you a full heart and some more ramblings in that special slice of heaven down in Cornwall.
    Much love


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