Thursday 26 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

 Image 1 Pinterest, Image 2 the balcony gardener.
 Image 1 Mollie Makes Issue 10, Image 2 taken from PRINT by Cath Kidston, Phototgraphy Pia Tryde
 Collages all made up from my Pinterest Boards

Rainy days and grey days seem to "smuffle" me, wear me down. Seems I am not my chatty self, well, that is to say I am myself, just the quieter version.
In January I like to refresh my colour palette - you know a bit of  a post Mid-Winter detox, I hope you like my current inspirations...a cleaner, prettier balance of colour and simple feminine style a la Christie and McKenna circa the '60's.

Speaking of which I am really looking forward to "We'll take Manhattan" tonight on BBC 4 at 9pm. It tells the story of the now legendary photo shoot  in Manhattan 1962 and the subsequent love affair between Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey.
Jean Shrimpton 1963 (pic: Getty)
Picture via the Mirror
Picture via Tiskin
Image David Bailey for Vogue

Tonight's drama stars Amy Pond, whoops I mean Karen Gillan! and Aneurin Barnard. I have high hopes as BBC 4 has a very good track record...Enid Blyton starring Helena Bonham Carter, Fonteyn with Anne-Marie Duff and the excellent Nigel Slater's "Toast"  were all great. Well done "Aunty", you do look after us well.

Love Sarah


  1. oh lovely selection, I can see Ring Of Bright Water and Sense and Sensibility there. Looking forward to the Bailey/Shrimp programme. Wonder if Jean will be watching, down in Cornwall?

  2. Hi Sarah, You've just reminded me to watch BBC4! I love you photo collages very serene...lovely. Sharon

  3. Oh must set the sky plus, love your collages those green socks are just lovely!

  4. Oooo thank goodness you reminded me! xxx

  5. Thanks for reminding me ... I shall be snuggling up to watch it with my hot water bottle in 4 mins time! M x

  6. Love your picture choices. I am taping that programme tonight. Like you say should be good.
    Lisa x

  7. Oh no, I've missed We'll take Manhattan ... it will have to be i-playered.

    Gorgeous images and colour palette in this post :D

  8. I wish I had BBC4! They sound like great shows.

    I love the combination of the top two photos you showed. Amazing the colours of the tree and sky, reflected in the cushions.


  9. gorgeous colours I love them. and your right BBC4 has some entertaining stuff!

  10. Thanks so much for helping me find reasons to be cheerful, January can be less than cheery and my house sale fell through today meaning i lost my dream home. Let hope its not too soon till the spring sunshine arrives. x

  11. Hi Sarah - I do love your colour palletes. A new year a new you.

    There is something that feels so energising about them and I'm taking good note - thanks for the boost and thanks for the reminder. All sky+d and I'm just waiting until Mr Boo goes away again so I can sit down and enjoy.

    Sunshine - 'yep' the sun is shining - greetings from Kent.

    Nina xxxxxxxxx

  12. Right, I'm off to iplayer - that sounds excellent.

    Your images are beautiful - just what I need here on a cold. foggy Sunday morning.


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