Saturday, 8 January 2011


In the spirit of the wonderful Edith Holden,
in celebration of the return of Larkrise to Candleford,
and in remembrance of Elspeth........
I give you JANUARY and the promise of the early bulbs forcing their way skywards in spite of all that winter has thrown at them ...........

..... the new year brings the promise of spring, aahhhhhh .....

I shall be glad of it


  1. so pretty, with a hint of spring, I'm afraid that is not so here in Canada.....

  2. A lovely post Sarah! Hubby and I went on a litlle walk today, just with the dog. There was a pretty blue sky and a little sunshine too!I almost felt as though spring was close by!
    It was lovely and unexpected after the recent weather!
    Rachel x

  3. Beautiful my friend....I am waiting..waiting..waiting too..but really it has been so mild here and no snow but one day...our winter rain has turned everything so is really lovely...just waiting for the leaves to return...the birds seem happy!

    hugs for a wonderful nice to come visit you. xo

  4. No sign of Spring outside here in Suffolk sadly but inside I have tulips, narcissus, grape muscari, crocus and hyacinth bulbs to cheer me along!

    I might just have to have a go at recreating that last inspirational picture too soon.

  5. Lovely post. However, I fear that as we are LONGING for spring to be here quickly, the wait might seem very long. It will be great to see the crocus out. xxx

  6. Such a lovely colour filled post of spring prettiness.
    Lisa x

  7. What a lovely reminder of the joys to come. Can't wait for spring to come... this has been a hard winter, and probably more to come!

  8. oh I am so looking forward to spring it seems like a long way off yey though....but your post has helped, thanks!

  9. Springbulbs - snowdrops and crocuses these are a few of my favourite things - if I could change that song that's what I would sing. What a lovely post - it's about time that we had some mild weather to force out those wonders from the earth.

  10. Oh how I love your photos of a spring arrival... we are in deep winter here in New England...warm fires, home made popcorn and more cozy nights with garden catalog's await!
    January Jollies to you!
    Deborah Jean

  11. I too have been thinking of Elspeth. So sadly missed.

  12. Oh i love this, all so promising & fantastic for 2011. Wishing you a very happy new year, love Posie

  13. Happy New Year, Sarah! Very pretty photos, I cannot wait for Spring!
    Hen x

  14. Lovely post, I cant wait for the 1st shoots to appear xx

  15. Hi there,

    Beautiful, inspiring images.
    Unfortunately no native air for me to breathe here tho, have to settle for foreign stuff, so your images bring back the fondest memories.

    Seeing the first snowdrop break through the snowy ground, and the first crocus, aaahhhh, who would have thought that something sooo simple could be soooo exhilaratiing.

    I often pour over Edith Holden's paintings. One of my forever favourites.


  16. Oh what a wonderful photo montage for great things to come. I can’t wait for spring :)

  17. Happy New Year Sarah and huge big hugs to a fellow Kentish lass.

    Nina xxx

  18. dear Elspeth has it really been that long? she would have so loved this beautiful post.

    i adore Elizabeth Holden too, since i was a child.

    your comment made me smile. isn't it funny how alike we blogging ladies are? i fell for Prue's charms the moment i saw her and started dropping mammoth sized hints as it drew closer to my birthday. and as for hte heidi teapot..well who could resist? ;o)

    thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us. it has been a wonderful salve on this rather dreer and chilly day.

    much love to you


  19. Lovely to catch up with your post - it seems ages.
    Happy New Year.

  20. This is so very dear and beautiful.

    Thank you!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. happy new year sarah! oh i can't wait for the smell of spring to arrive, i'm longing for brighter days xx

  22. Goodness you make me long for spring. I fear we have another two months of winter yet though.

    I especially love your candle arrangement.

  23. Such a beautiful post. I loved each picture in it, and how lovely to remember Elspeth this way - I thought of her and her lovely blog when I saw my paperwhites growing last week. Enjoy your week down the lane. Helen x

  24. J'aime lire le journal de la naturaliste Edith Holden et j'aime les jardins et les oiseaux. Amicalement Guettou .


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