Saturday 15 January 2011

Life is tweet!

The morning birds that sing me into wakefullness each morning sound very chirrupy indeed this week. They start slowly, a lone song that is gradually built to a crescendo as the sun begins to rise and eveyone joins in.

I wonder if they really are more chirpy or whether perhaps my own longing for the early signs of spring has tricked me? This year there are so many blue-tits darting about, they are such a joy to stand and watch for a while, so playful, diving and darting and swooping into the hawthorn opposite the kitchen window.

Hopefully they are thinking about building their perfect little nests

I gave Mr.Lane this mug for Christmas - very appropriate!

I am thinking of investing in some of this beatiful stationary from Dear Prudence ~ find them here

Dont worry the robin has not been usurped in my affections he is still number one! ( you may remember my "the robin" post from 2009, read it here )

I have been trying to determine their different songs and have been listening to a brilliant radio staion called "Birdsong Radio" where you can listen to the dawn chorus any time of day, genius!

I saw one of these at the end of the year whilst having lunch with the Magpie in Tuckenhay at the Waterman's Arms

I was so excited!

There are quite a lot of these about at the moment

and these

but I am desperate to see Jenny Wren

All of this musing got me thinking how much I would like to be able to paint birds well, I can definately have a bash at sketching them but there is something wonderful about capturing the character of your subject and I am not talented enough.
Unlike the amazing Beatrix Potter, I was looking at some of her illustrations, trying to see them with a fresh eye. Her work is so iconic I don't think I always take the time to study it as it has been with me since childhood.

I really like this pen and ink study of her garden at Hilltop Farm.

And here it is lovingly recreated by the production team for Miss Potter.

I am off to tackle my poor snow decimated kitchen border as soon as it gets light! Wish me luck, I am hoping for some company of the robin variety.
Have a great weekend,


  1. Right after Christmas the birds are getting more chirpy, I noticed it too.
    Though I live in a city centre, we do have lots and lots of birds here; bleu tits, red robins, magpies, sparrows and many more of which I do not know the English name. Lovely sound.

  2. I think little Jenny Wren has the most amazing song for her size and I'm not sure if it's the RSPB website that has a summary on each bird and a recording of their song that you can listen to. Good luck with your sketching.

  3. I bought my dad a cd with bird song and since he passed away and we sortedhis things I've had it had home but can't quite bring myself to listen to it. How daft!
    Good luck with the garden today.
    Love all the pictures you choose to go in this post.
    Lisa x

  4. I wish I could draw anything let alone a bird!

    Victoria xx

  5. We have birds living in our roof, who we discovered just before Christmas, and who now wake me at the very first sign of any light! But I can't complain as it is a lovely alarm call.

    How funny that I bought my hubby the exact same mug for Christmas too! It now lives side by side with my Emma Bridgewater robin one!

    The birds really are in full voice and busyness here too, fingers crossed they know something we don't and Spring is on its way soon!

  6. Oh Sarah, is that your home in the bottom photograph? It is so pretty! The birds are lovely and this has been a hard winter on them. Every year we have Whooper Swans that come from up north for our winter months, they are protected species and I love them :)

    All things nice...

  7. I love to hear the birds early in the morning.If they can be chirpy,then I think I have to make the effort on these dark mornings too!It's been very windy today which seems to have kept the little blue tits away from the garden. :0)

  8. We had a lovely talk from an RSPB man at our WI about birdsong - he gave us some top tips for identifying their songs ie the Goldfinch has a metalic sound etc. I think the birds are just as cheery as us to get a bit of sunshine and warmer weather. xxx

  9. just bought some bird boxes to hang in the apple trees! hope they make cosy homes for the blue tits :0) we've had a new visitor to the garden, a lovely fat nuthatch :0) love your pictures as always x han x

  10. We have resident blue tits in our bird box each year, such a delight to watch it all happen to close up. Till next doors' cats get them that is! Happy weekend x

  11. our bird are not as cheerfulas yours but they are hungry and have cost us a small fortune in food this year!!!!!!!

  12. Hope you got sorted in your garden Sarah. If ever you get chance to go and see Miss Potter's original Artwork-do! it is wonderful!

  13. Oh I love the sound of the bird's song...we seem to have more sparrows around this year...I do love to watch them as well.

    Sending you oodles of love for a great Sunday. xoxo

  14. Wow! that nest is beautiful with the blue eggs, is that real? I've never seen anything like it! We only have little english sparrows around here that I see. Such different country. Happy Sunday my friend!

  15. Yes I think they are getting more chirpy. I love the birds out gardening yesterday the robins were having a great time.I have an old teapot hang up outside my kitchen window that they nest in every year. The black bird nest is alway above the front door and blue tits are in the nestboxes in the apple tree.Oh yes I love the spring.Happy days Lesley,

  16. I'm trying to be less obsessed with birds and birdsong but find!
    Lovely blog and thanks for sharing, fee

  17. Wonderful birdie post Sarah. You're right they are definitely more chirpy. We have a few wrens that visit my little patch they are very elusive but not as elusive as the kingfisher. I don't think I have ever seen one.

    Jo x

  18. Bonjour,

    Dans ma campagne en France (région Bretagne), il y a aussi beaucoup d' oiseaux dans mon jardin.

    A bientot sur mon blog vous verrez...

  19. I love the birds and there are some beauties above. I too love Beatrix Potter and her paintings are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I so appreciate her eye and talent. I am in the process of reading the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter and if you haven’t read them-I think you would enjoy :)


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