Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Here's one I visited earlier...........

Hurragh! I picked my first sweet peas today!
This got me ruminating over how much I miss Alys!
The Edible Garden was so lovely, a Wednesday evening treat I shall miss greatly.

This in turn sent me off another train of thought ~ my other favourite gardener
Sarah Raven.
Oh but I never did get around to showing you the pictures of this year's visit
so here is my postcard from Perch Hill, Spring 2010

That pewter jug!

As you can tell I am trying not to speak as the pictures speak for themselves
but oh my pie! LUNCH!

I simply love this wonderful scrubbed pine dresser covering the whole wall with it's row of jewel coloured Morrocan bowls

passed these lovely girls on our way out, bye for now Henny Penny and friends

Postcard from Pashley Manor
coming soon...........

Love Sarah


  1. What another marvelous tour !! So beautiful, thanks ! Gina

  2. Oh, lovely loveliness! I love those bowls that aren't for sale.

  3. So lovely!!!! The lunch looks can tell I am always up to a good meal...that is the first thing I always mention...the rest of the tour ...delightful.

    Hugs my friend. Please send some of your sun our has been raining for weeks...or maybe I should say months. xoxoxo

  4. Lovely pics. I'd so love a garden like that. xxx

  5. What a gorgeous garden! Every image a treat.....! Looks like a yummy meal, too! A perfect day.

    Hope you're having a beautiful one today, too!


  6. Mrs P - it looks as though we have something else in common, I love Sarah Raven too! Lucky you going to Perch Hill for a day, it looks wonderful! I have looked at images of SRs garden so often I feel like I know every inch of it, so it was wonderful to see your lovely photos of it. I love that purple and orange bed, I would never have the nerve but it seems to work when she does it.
    Missing Alys too and I have the boring flat garden until we move now... apparently buyers may be put off by crazy veg/flower planting schemes, can't see it myself but there you go. Oh I'll tell you what you have reminded me of though- Sarah's butternut squash recipe - guess what we are having for tea tomorrow??

  7. What a wonderful place to visit!I love Sarah Raven too...she's so inspiring.Thanks for the tour.

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. Lovely photos. What a nice tour.


  9. Beautiful! Lovley tour and I enjoyed your holiday too! Jane xx

  10. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one missing Alys.
    Wednesday night TV is rubbish now.
    Love your garden photos.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. I keep waiting for the sweet peas to be in jam jars and on sale by the roadside again. If I grow them the hens eat them. Feathery and pretty they may look, but they nibble each and everything that grows. SO thanks for sharing garden shots to cheer up my nibbled view.


  12. Hello !
    I so enjoyed visiting this lovely garden.. beautiful images and beautiful blog!
    I love sweetpeas too.. sadly I don't have them in my garden so I bought a sweetpea perfumed candle from Royal Horticultural smells divine!
    Have a nice day!
    xx Flaviana

  13. Wow...what a wonderful outing. I am taking notes!!

    Jeanne :)

  14. wow! What a perfect garden, so enjoyed this post ,I must try to visit this garden,love Sarah Raven love how she gardens in skirts! such a interesting person, bestest wishes,Linda. ps going to do a post on my garden ,not quite in this league though!

  15. So absolutely gorgeous! And that lunch looks truly fabulous too.

    Oh I really must visit soon.

  16. Wow what an amazing garden and lovely photos . The lunch looked pretty good too ! Ann x

  17. Beautiful, beautiful England must be oh so lovely .The colors are so pretty. I live in Texas and only in the spring and early summer are things so bright and fresh looking. ...
    It is very warm here.

  18. Hi I am new to your blog, I think I stumbled upon you via Elspeth Thompson's blog, or Posy not sure. Anyway I am glad I have. Perch Hill looks like a great day out.

  19. Oooh I love sweetpeas! You trip to Perch Hill looks wonderful, I have really enjoyed looking through your wonderful photographs, and that Pie, yummy, what a colourful plate of yummy food, complete with edible flowers too! I look forward to our next tour! Thank you for visiting me! A lovely weekend to you! That is a beautiful wish! I like you think that it may not be a good thing to see into the future! I would wish to know knowing, peace and love, and then spread it to everyone I know! Suzie xxx

  20. Gorgeous photos. :) xx

  21. SJ!! Just realized when I saw another sweet comment from you {THANK YOU!} that I haven't been getting blogroll updates from YOU! So, I now need to see what I've been missing. SO glad that I didn't miss these gorgeous images. WHAT a PLACE! What a DAY that must have been! Loved visiting it with you. xx Suzanne

  22. What a lovely garden to visit and lunch looked good also.

  23. Between your sweetpeas and that euphorbia, I'm speechless ( and a little jealous).

    Thanks for the inspiring garden tour. If I could ever stop the weeding, i might be able to visit a garden or two myself :)

    xo Jane

  24. Love your blog....I so want to be in this garden & pinch a few moroccan bowls (would anyone really notice??!!) If you love children's books check out this delightful illustrator - you may already know of her work - JUST DIVINE!!! Nicoletta Cerocci.

  25. Oooh you lucky thing, mine are nowhere near flowering!
    I too miss Alys! I think I may be giving 'peatini's' a go this year. Although I'm often accused of being as Hippy as Alys, she takes Hippydom one step further; there is no way you'd catch me walking bare-foot in my chicken pen! ;) Xx

  26. Just catching up - beautiful posts!! I have not even planted my sweetpeas yet!!! xxxx

  27. Beautiful! Come on over and see my gardens. My sweet peas are just green now. I can't wait for sweet pea glory!

  28. I FEASTED on these photos. The pewter pitcher overflowing with flowers, the sentinel pots planted so beautifully in S. Raven's lovely and breathtaking garden. I can't WAIT to visit it in person.

    The lunch looked perfect (of course). Makes me want to work ever harder in my gardens.

    Sending love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  29. What a tour!
    Wonderful pictures...
    I going to love following your blog!
    Hope you would like to visit me too;)

    Hugs, Tove

  30. Hello at last, I have been trying for a week or so too get on your blog…for some reason it wouldn’t let me.
    I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a gardening program as much as I did hers, I loved everything about it.
    Gorgeous photos! I will try and get there this year! :-)

    Love Lou xxx

    PS. I hope all is ok with you and your family!

  31. Thanks for the lovely tour, almost as good as being there :-)

    Leeann x

  32. Hi Sarah

    lucky you going to Perch Hill. That is somewhere that I would love to go to. It looks like the kind of place where you come back full of ideas and inspiration.
    Sweet peas already! Mine have a long way to go yet...

    Take care
    Isabelle x


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