Saturday 29 May 2010

The Getaway

Getaway ~ an act or instance of getting away, a place suitable for a vacation, a place away from home where you can relax.........

Two and a half hours on a plane from London and we arrive here at our crash pad in Portugal.
And boy do we need this? Overwhelmed lately by our work schedules, too much to do ~ not enough hours in the day syndrome.
So here we are, a lovely bright faced pink rose greets us. Hmm, I must prettify...........

I am so sun drenched and dredged in Portugese colour I am simply bursting to share it all with you dear reader.
Not too much commentary from me just lots of pictures to give you a flavour, hope that's OK?

Love the scrubby wildflower strewn hillsides and the sand dunes peppered with sea pinks or thrift not sure which.

Had such a lovely beach combing session, loving the thrift in every sense, I collected pink things

And in true Tony Hart style here is my picture...... I think it is a pink sea garden!

But the hot colours here are just zinging in the heat of the day too............

The Fisherman's cafe on the beach is a favourite spot, the green and red combo along with those gingham table-cloths just make me smile. I find myself happily snapping away and humming to myself, some of the old leather skinned fishermen look up at me suspiciously...... I giggle and am rewarded with the hint of a smile.

This is still a working beach, I love that.

The early evening light changes the atmosphere, the activity ceases, the air cools and I imagine I could be anywhere in the world.

Nothing is locked up, no need.

More gorgeous colours.

Walking home.......

Love these

This is a tiny chapel perched on top of the cliff above the fisherman's beach.

One Morning we wake and the weather looks a little unpromising so we take ourselves off for an exploration of the Fort at Silves.

We climb ever upwards,
lovely cobbled streets, tumbled stones laid as pavement.

We thought he made pretty effective doorman

I annoyed several people by loitering too long by these wonderful gates, sorry!

I love orange trees.....

..........and poppies

On leaving the Fort at the highest point of the town I spotted this wonderful outdoor room.

What an incredible spot to entertain in! Hmm, must show Mr. Lane this and see if he could build something similar in the garden!

When looking for somewhere to snooze in the sun, always remember that someone may be lurking with a camera!

A lazy morning back at base, catching up on some essential reading

Then off to Tavira.
Tavira, wonderful grand old town, crumbling plaster, amazing tiles simply bursting with charm.
Let the love affair commence.

I adore old Portugese architecture, the tiles, the balconies, double height doors, windows framed by colourful painted borders.........
Intoxicated by it all I think I went a bit mad!

Hmmm, mad with delight!
Climbing up narrow streets towards the castle wonderful courtyards opened up

Once at the top these slightly unpromising gates

But no, stepping inside the most wonderful and surprising garden within the old castle walls, Mr. Lane shouted " hurry up! You are going to love this!"

And he was, of course absoloutely right!
I did!

Love this rose, red fading out to pink on the older blooms

Who's that scruffy little herbert?

Mr.Lane's favourite beach for your delectation and delight

And so giddy with all this and still finding grains of sand welded to me,
we are home.
Lovely to be back Down the Lane.
Much to catch up on, much to read.
My heartfelt thanks to you for popping back to see me and thanks so much for the gorgeous comments you left for Magpie, she was very, very touched indeed.

Normal Laneness shall now be resumed!
Whatever that is?
Love Sarah


  1. Fabulous photos! Just seeing them was heavenly: I can't begin to imagine what it was like to actually BE there. Thanks

  2. How lucky to get out there at all what with more volcanic ash and BA strikes. Love the tiles, love it all really and so pleased you got those batteries recharged.

    Kate x

  3. Oh Kate you are so right! It was touch and go which is why I didn't mention it before we left as I honestly didn't think it would happen! Naughty Mr.Lane and I were ambling around the airport when the last call was made for us, so shaming! We thought that the flight wouldn't go and were planning what to do in Cornwall instead! Tee hee x

  4. I am so envious !! What a fantastic vacation, pictures and commentary made my day ! Thanks so are spoiled !!! Gina

  5. What a get a way! Everything is so beautiful...I loved the big bell and all the color of the buildings and flowers...How fun! Wish I could go to such a place. Come say hi :D

  6. I really enjoyed your post today - I've never been to Portugal. it looks lovely!
    Fabulous colours!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing!

  8. Goodness me your camera must have been working overtime. So much to want to capture and keep forever.Plants and patterns, just so beautiful.
    You've got me excited about our hols to Majorca next week!
    Lisa x

  9. Thank you for sharing your WONDERFUL images!!!
    I have, too , been in Portugal, and LOVED it!!

    The houses, the architecture...everything!!
    Thank you for making me dream all the way back...

    I left something for you @ feelings =).
    Come and get it, when ever you feel like it.

    I wish you a wonderful vacation.

  10. gorgeous photo's, portugal looks so pretty. xx

  11. lovely!
    Mr Lane was right!
    the garden was lovely!
    scruffy holiday herberts get in everywhere!

  12. How absolutely lovely! You've made me want to go! Thank you for sharing with us. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  13. Fabulous photographs, I've never been to Portugal but it looks beautiful. The tiles are fabulous lovely architecture too and very natural look place with lots of character, thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed yourself

    All things nice...

  14. Lovely photo's, great get away! I have never been to Portugal, it looks as though you have found an idyllic spot, so peaceful, a beautiful place to unwind.

  15. Wow, this looks gorgeous, Sarah, take me there now! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us.
    Hen x

  16. we love the Algarve too - Tavira is our favourite wher aelse can you get a fresh sardine lunch for 5 euros!!!is that the Boardwalk beach on the way to Amercao?- hope you didn't meet the nudists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Green with envy here, but so glad you had a lovely break from 'real' life!

  18. OH MY WORD! no, not strong enough.... HOLY CANOLLI!!! (How do you spell cannoli? cannolli. oh, well!) This is wonderful. The place is breathtaking. How refreshed you must be. Your photos are just so beautifully taken. I love your quilt/mosaics. Well, wow!

    You must be pretty happy to have a lovely place to come home to, also. Welcome back!

    In regards to your comment and question regarding Memorial Day... After I stopped chuckling (and chuckling and, it rolled on for a while), I had to agree with you that I have not been living up to my calling as an opera singer, as I have not had chandelier droplets in my life. I'm for real now, though!

    Memorial day. Remembrance of veterans and just people who have passed on, too. Why do we say, "happy Memorial Day"? It's the official day to plant tomatoes (and anything else that would get scorched in a frost.) It's barbeques and picnics and a 3 day weekend. It's the last breather before the mad dash to the end of school. Also, it is a piece of small town Americana, here in Vermont - very touching. If I get to go to the parade, tomorrow, I'll blog about it and let you know.

    I always soar when I see a wonderful comment from you in the sunny spot! Thanks!

    Love, kate xo

  19. Gosh, that was a long comment. I just came back to say that my word verification was PLATE. Heaven!

  20. Wonderful pictures!! Thank you! I have never been to portugal but looks like it needs to go on my list of places to visit!!!

  21. Lucky you my friend...I would love to visit Portugal..the beaches look amazing. Hugs for a great new week and thank you so much for sharing today...xox

  22. Hello JP ~ Sorry I couldn't work out how to leave you a comment! The beach is at Pedras del Rey, on the way towards OLHAO, just after Tavira Luz, hope that makes sense? (The train beach.)
    No nudisits I could make out but the eyesight isn't what it was, tee hee!

    Sarah x

  23. Anonymous01 June, 2010

    Hello Sarah,,,it's nice to meet you....i'm your newest follower!

    this romantic journey through your trip to Portugal was wonderful..the buildings, the flowers....just everything right down to the Country Living magazine on the coffee charming!

    i invite you over to my place with coffee in hand....anytime....the 'screens' always left open for friends!

    see you soon!

    enjoy your monday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  24. Hello! I loved my trip with you, it all looks wonderful. I just love the tiles.. oooh lovely! Suzie xx

  25. oohh..beauuutiful sarah! from all your fab snaps it looks like you & mr. lane had a wonderful trip!
    pst..the pics i took where using the apple iphone application 'hipstamatic'
    thanks for the mosaic pic making tip too xxx

  26. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!Wonderful images- really enjoyed them.Thank you.
    Warm Wishes,

  27. I've always wanted to go to Portugal - now, I really want to go. Looks like a dreamy perfect getaway.

  28. What wonderful pictures! You really gave us a flavour of Portugal.It's definately on my 'places to visit' list now.Bet you miss it now you're back don't you?

    Bellaboo :0)

  29. I feel like I went on the getaway with you . And I had such a lovely time. Your pictures are so good. I really like your blog!!!

  30. I DEFINITELY commented on this post, before, but here it goes, again: LOVE IT! What a wonderful much to see, to smell, to touch.... I wouldn't have wanted to go to sleep and miss a thing, but that's not the point of a holiday, right???You all look so relaxed and I hope that feeling traveled home with you, sweet friend!
    xx Suzanne

  31. Hi Sarah,
    Fantastic photos! I have enjoyed going on the virtual holiday. They have such beautiful tiles in Portugal.

    I hope that you feel the holiday has done you some good!

    Take care
    Isabelle x


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