Friday, 18 June 2010

Through the garden gate...

........You will find roses round the door and a warm welcome in this jewel of a village where we live.
Being the garden of England, in this wonderous county of Kent there are of course oast Houses and beautiful old, old houses oozing with history and character.

Many date back to the Tudor and Elizabethan period and as we are very near the childhood home of Anne Bolyn,you can bet your bottom penny piece that Henry VIII'th himself came riding through this way on a regular basis, but that's another story!

Two lovely ladies opened their doors last week ~ first Mrs. B who lives here, hosted a sunny open house.
There were cakes

Yum, the Hummingbird Bakery recipe cup cakes......... lets say no more about those!

The roses are so magnificent at this time of year, the scent hangs warm on breeze luring me outside to see

Then off to see my lovely art teacher Virg, also in the village
she lives here

Virg is taking part in the Open Studio event.

I gasp as I enter as the venue for our art classes has been transformed into a gallery

It looks so brilliant!

There are lovely post cards of her work and gorgeous original painted cards

this would look nice back at The Lane

Hmm, or maybe this?

I love this!

Oh but then who could resist these girls?

Bluebells, heavenly

What about this?

such a happy, vibrant exhibition
loved it all

you can find out more about Virginia's work here

oh and yes,
I couldn't resist and something did make it home with me

golden days!
enjoy the sunshine,


  1. What beautiful houses and a wonderful display of the one you chose!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Sumptutous post Sarah. I lvoe an oasthouse me, and so does Mr P, but for what was made inside it rather than its quirky shape and lovely bricks.

    Those paintings are just beautiful. What a treat to visit your teacher's Open Studios. I'm having one soon. EEeek!

  3. Snap! I just made elderflower cordial too! Isn't it just lovely?

    Your hexy cushion is to die for x

  4. Oh dear - I am bloggily challenged - can you tell I only had four hours' sleep - I though I'd hopped over to The Blueberry Patch! Sorry Sarah, what a woolly head!

  5. Oh you're near Hever Castle aren't you, you lucky girl. I LOVE Hever, visited lots when I was a little girl which grew into a bit of an obsession with Henry and Anne.
    Tough choice having to choose just one painting, but you made a good one.
    Lisa x

  6. oh wow what a wonderful post xx

  7. S-J!
    The faraways! How exciting!! How big they will be!
    I had a Sophie Digard story and thought of you straight away- sitting in the blue bells.
    Have fun with the family.
    pen xxx

  8. I still have very fond memories of train trips from Waterloo through the Kent orchards en route to the coast to visit my grandmother in Belgium..We are talking many years ago now.. but they are vividly etched on my mind.
    Last visit was on a visit to Great Dixter and Rye in 2004.. and it was not nearly long enough..

    Michele xxx

    P.s Thanks SJDTL for your lovely comments... I always love hearing from you..
    I do have an Aga but still my meringues are 50/50..

  9. Kent looks so pretty - I hope to visit one day (rather than the ususl 'passing through')

  10. What gorgeous piccies! xxx

  11. What beautiful artwork. It looks like you had an absolutely gorgeous day, and those cupcakes sound delicious.

  12. Beautiful paintings and a beautiful place! Suzie xx

  13. You live in such a beautiful village! The open house tea cakes look scrumptious! And your friends art is wonderful! I especially love the watercolor of the garden flowers two pics above the geese. :-) Really lovely.

  14. The second picture reminds me of The Darling Buds of May! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures and I have to add that Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes are simply the best!

  15. Wonderful photographs, such a pretty place! Love all the places you visited too and that studio/gallery amazing works!!
    Thanks for sharing

    All things nice...

  16. lovely selection of photos! I love Hummingbird recipes - the book is so well illustrated

  17. Hi I found you from "all things nice" blog.
    I have really enjoyed looking at your blog,
    your photos are beautiful and the way you describe things is lovely
    I moved to Kent from London when I was 15 and stayed there til I married. I have so many happy memories of my time there.

  18. I would love to have been there...just wonderful! Thanks for sharing it :D

  19. So much talent it must have really difficult to chose but I do love the one you brought home. I love the oast houses, so characterful and to think that our King Ruthless rampaged 'down your lane' - wonderful!

    Kate x

  20. What a beautiful place, I would love to live there! The artwork is wonderful.


  21. there is nowhere else quite like England on a warm summers day is there?

  22. What a wonderful wonderful post. I feel like I just travelled to jolly old England! What a beautiful and yummy spread! How fun it must have been to be in her home. It all looks like something out of a novel.

    The artwork, well, I LOVE it! I'm all smiley for seeing it!

    Love, Katy


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