Sunday, 16 May 2010

Of Bright Star and Bluebells

Drowning, saturated in blue,............. iris blue, hyacinth blue, china blue......
Bluebell BlueThe woods around us are so magnificent, lush emerald greens bursting from every twig, branch, trunk .
I have been painting in the bluebell woods and have become quite intoxicated by all the sights and smells and here it is all spilling out.

I adore cow parsley too, so tall and gracefull with those gorgeous umbels swaying up top, we were married in May for the Cow Parsley lined avenues of our country lanes. There were balls of it outside the church...perfect.

And throughout the singing green and bright blue there are stars, the lushness punctuated with white flashes, so dainty, so right.

So I find myself here shooting madly all these images hoping to capture something of it's essence, so fleeting is this moment.

I have not managed to be organised enough to scan any of my paintings or sketches.
(hmm, sounds like an excuse!)

Anyway you get the idea!

Now for a brief respite from all this.
My lovely Mr. Lane was clearing the overgrown wilderness from the edge of part of our garden when he called me over.
Oh my goodness look at this little fellow he saved from the scythe!
Isn't he tiny and so soft? (no not Mr.Lane!)

I love you Mr.Lane for knowing how much I loved to see this little fieldmouse

Meanwhile back in those bluebell woods I had an inkling that perhaps we could recreate a little magic........

On finding the perfect spot

It's quite hard trying to look as refelctive and absorbed as Fanny whilst surrounded by giggling Mr.Lane and these hairy fools!

We had such a funny time trying to control the curious boys, I am thinking of renaming Mr.Boodle "Keats" what do think?

And here is the original and far superior image courtesy of Jane Campion

I know..."stick to the day job! Sarah-Jane!"


  1. Lovely post, I would have pitched a fit if my husband held up a mouse near me..I can take spiders, snakes, bees, wasps, ants...but no mice !! You are brave ! beautiful there, thanks, Gina

  2. Oh what a wonderful place with the carpet of bluebells, they are so pretty. I saw some lovely ones today, went to take a photo and the batteries were dead :( At least I have your lovely photographs now to compensate :)

    All things nice...

  3. What beautiful pictures! It looks so magical there...a real fairy story landscape. Mr Fieldmouse looks very cute too.

  4. Wow! So totally gorgeous and I had quickly browsed your images and thought of Bright Star just before you said it!
    You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty.

  5. Bluebells are wonderful aren't they such a heady smell when sat amongst them. We enjoyed a very similar day yesterday which I've blogged about on my third blog, we also enjoyed a close encounter with wildlife too!please take a look at beyond my gate I think you'll like

  6. I've just found your blog! I Love the pictures...bluebells are some of my favourite flowers! Very magical! Cx

  7. Well you had me fooled S-J. I thought I was watching the film all over again.

    I'm wary of saying it, but I enjoyed The Piano more. Some beautiful imagery in the film as expected, but I think my intellectual head has fallen off. Hope it's temporary.

    Beautiful post.

    Lisa x

  8. You win - thats the most bluebells I've seen on a blog :)

  9. beautiful bluebell snaps, i can almost smell them! mmmmm.... such a cute pic of the little fieldmouse oh & of mr.boodle too of course! x

  10. Oh, lovely lovely bluebells! I'm so envious -- I've never even seen a bluebell in 'real life'. A few years ago, I bought some Penhaligon Bluebell perfume which I love. It smells so fresh and outdoorsy -- just like I imagine the fragrance of your lovely bluebell woods. Maybe someday, I'll try to grow some here, but I don't have high hopes for them surviving our harsh climate. Oh well, in the meantime, thanks for sharing yours.
    And sweet little mousie!

  11. Love it, all of it! Gorgeous photos, bluebells are so difficult to photograph (in my expert experience, ha ha!) but you've done a fab job. And what a cute little field mouse, my kids would go wild at the sight of him (so would I actually)!

    Kate x

  12. I think you've recreated it beautifully! I don't think my bluebell pics are going to compare with yours,and that field mouse...oh soooo sweet!

    Bellaboo :0)

  13. Look at you, you are so adorable. Looks like you had lots of fun getting your photos, and they are gorgeous. I love your outfit, very pretty. I really enjoyed that movie, I will have to get it out again soon. Oh to be near a field of bluebells....

  14. Just beautiful; all the more so for your handsome hounds! :-) Thank you x

  15. Oh, you guys are great!!! wait! even greater than that! More like !!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine what it's like to be in a heavenly sea of blue like that. I DO know what it's like to be in a waving field of grain on a heavenly meadow, though. The blue would just push me over the moon. I have GOT to see that movie! You look so pretty in the field with the colors of your dress and the bluebells blending so prettily (and your beautiful hair). I just thought that I should say so.... Don't you love those men and furry companions, though, who make sure we stay right down on earth? But, I do love to play make believe!

    Love, katy x

    P.S. I love your new banner picture!

  16. Just beautiful and a great reinactment of the painting too! I had to laugh thinking..what if the cute little mouse had run up his sleeve...that would be funny! Come say hi :D

  17. Wonderful bluebells, they do look so inviting.
    lovely post.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  18. bluebells, field mice and a film recreation
    I can imagine the giggling doing that one!

  19. What a great post!
    Your photo restaging is fab!
    Jilly Cooper always describes cow parsley as 'frothing in the hedgerows' in her books.
    Lisa x

  20. The blue bells are so pretty, fantastic photos and a field mouse how cute xx

  21. What and enchanting place in a sea of blue!
    Even with the " hairy fools" present... They took away nothing from that beautiful scenery!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Dandelion Wishes,

  22. Warwickshirelass17 May, 2010

    Lovely post. Anne Bronte's poem The Bluebell says A fine and subtle spirit dwells
    In every little flower,
    Each one its own sweet feeling breathes
    With more or less of power.
    There is a silent eloquence
    In every wild bluebell
    That fills my softened heart with bliss
    That words could never tell.
    Your pictures capture the mood perfectly. Thank you so much.

  23. Oh Sarah! How did I miss this post until now? I love the photographs, and you look beautiful out there amongst the bluebells! And how dear to see you out there with all the furry friends...looks like it was a fun, and beautiful day!


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