Monday 17 May 2010

Happy Birthday Magpie

Hey MAGPIE, are you there?
Happy Birthday to you x
you shiny, sparkling Magpie

Love you Mum, have a brilliant day.

Thank you for reading to me night after night, especially The Secret Garden

Thank you for always letting me have my new red shoes at the end of my bed

Thank you for teaching me to enjoy the view

Thank you for buying me that awful grey leather jacket I begged you for

Thank you for being my lovely Magpie

We all love you lots, look at us all!

Enjoy your day


  1. Many happy birthday wishes to your mum.
    Lisa x

  2. Oh happy birthday to your mummy, what a lucky lady to have a daughter like you!! Love Posie

  3. Lots of happy birthday wishes to your lovely Mum!I love the mosiac pictures of your family...charming!

  4. Happy Birthday Magpie - Hope its a good one. xxx

  5. sending over happy happy birthday wishes to your mum!
    fab mixture of piccy's as always! {still have no idea how you do those mosaics! hehe!} xx

  6. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to you lovely magpie! suzie xxx

  7. So sweet....wishing your mom and happy day. xoxo

  8. You are very blessed to have your mother still with you, I am envious and also happy for you ! Lovely post, Gina

  9. Oh, you are a wonderful Mrs. Magpie! You did something right because all of this loveliness and happy whimsy is flowing out of your daughter. Happy belated birthday!

    Love, katy Noelle

  10. Hi Sarah! Happy belated birthday to your mum!

  11. A lovely post! Happy belated birthday to your Mother.I hope that you had a lovely time.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. This beautiful Birthday tribute brought tears to my eyes..
    Like mother .. like daughter.. a moving message of love from one to another ..
    Happy Belated Birthday SJDTL's Mum..


  13. This brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful, and what a tribute. I can just see the red shoes at the end of your bed.

    All joys to you and yours,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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