Monday, 15 June 2009

Sweet Peas and Garden snippets

My garden is looking very shaggy! Loads new growth, everything seems to be bolting. I love roses with alchemilla mollis. I have totally forgotten the name of this rose! My lovely Mother in Law gave it to me when we first moved here. The Garden was all laid to turf, no borders and no plants!
I was so inspired by Sarah Raven and her amazing hanging globes of sweet peas I had to have a go at growing my own. They really are one of the most evocative english summer flowers. I remember taking a bunch from my Mother's garden with the stems wrapped in a bit of tin foil! For my primary school teacher on the last day before the endless summer holidays began.

They smell divine and if you pick them regularly they keep flowering! gorgeous.

My clever Bert made the veg beds and built the shed and greenhouse with the help of Uncle Jim (or was we call him Un-cool Jim! He loves this monika!)

Little bunch of sweet peas adorning my kitchen dresser, I am being frugal as I want to cut lots for garden posies to sell at the village Fete, more of that soon!

Gorgeous frills and colours! Dont they make you happy?

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  1. Hello...
    I do share your passion for plants and cut flowers straight from the garden.. there is little more satisfying than collecting a posy that you have grown in your own garden.. especially alchamilla Mollis.. I love the acid greens with shocking pink roses or lavender .. or alliums.. the list goes on.
    I see you are hoping to visit the Home Spun fair in August.. Do come and say hello.. I will be there with my own stall..
    Look forward to meeting you.


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