Thursday 11 June 2009

Introducing Buster Boodle

Even in the pub, at quite a difficult angle, Mr.Boodle manages to feign sleep. It's to lull other punters into a false sense of security. The minute a crisp packet makes even the slightest rustle he swoops into action, offering to help them reduce their cholesterol levels by sharing with them. Selfless!

Mr.Boodle is a very responsible guard dog, very rarely strays from his lookout position. Unless, of course you make any noise at all in the kitchen that would indicate food preparation of any sort. He is very serious about his part time job as pre washer of all plates bowls and utensils.

He said "If we ever get a dog, and I am not saying we will. It will have to be a proper dog. Not one of these pampered pooches that lays all over your bed/sofa"
I nodded my wholehearted agreement.

Do these bluebells suit me?

"Lets go and see some puppies" I said!
"You must be joking" he said "that would be fatal" he said "before you know it you've bought one" he said.
Exactly, I thought and made the appointment.

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