Friday, 19 June 2009

Lovely Fabric!

OK! deep breath........................It's been one of those weeks. I have had to deal with lots of cross people all week, subsequently my generally smiley, tolerant demeanour has been a little tested! Thankfully a little envelope has popped through the door containing this fab.remnant. It's called "Spot and Friends" by Sanderson. Oh my God I am ecstatic, it is a little square of joy. Sorry that it is all creased but I couldn't wait to share it! I love the fact that the bird, bunny, mouse and spot are white in a sea of cottage flowers. Anyway I laid it out on my bed for a good look and it immediately caused a stir.......
Mr. Boodle was less than impressed that I was cooing over a flat white puppy and promptly stole my favourite Flat Teddy and pounced onto the offending fabric!

Having got my attention he then promptly yawned and fell asleep on new prize acquisition! Do you think he has noticed the cat! If he had known he would have been mortified! I did have a little chuckle!

Later on lovely hubby came home early, hooray, bringing these amazing English Roses from his Mum's garden. I wish you could smell them, what a heady scent filling the kitchen. More smiles and good nature returning at a rate of knots!

Then a neighbour called around to complement the rose climbing around our kitchen window. It's called Villechenblau and is a wonderful purple blue colour. I chose it to follow on from the wisteria, which sadly in five years has yet to flower! Restoration is complete, I am a happy bunny!

Hope you have a lovely sunny day today!


  1. hello there! lovely to meet you! Oh my, that rose is beautiful! I cant believe how lush and gorgeous it is!~

  2. Hi Heather! I haven't really worked out how to reply so this is a bit of a test! Thanks so much for calling in, it's brilliant isn't it! I am in awe of the blogosphere, so many amazing people to connect with, I could get very, very carried away!

  3. Anonymous15 May, 2011

    Hi Sarah-Jane, I just googled, "Spot and Friends" and found your site. I had curtains made from that fabric when I was a child and my Mum kept them for me. I've just come to hang them in my son's room and they're too short. Ahhh. Can you tell me where you got the fabric as I'm looking for some. It really is a great print!
    Love your site.
    Thanks very much,


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