Sunday 19 January 2014

Bit brumous...

brumous: (adj). of grey skies and winter days; filled with heavy clouds or fog; relating to winter or cold, sunless weather.
Hiver - Isa Marcelli
This beautiful image is by Isa Marcelli.
Her photographs are wonderfully evocative, I adore the group "Hiver".They chime with me...
Finding cheer inside...the sun comes by way of textiles...floral cushions and colour drenched paintings...
This image is by An Magritt a Norwegian blogger and jewellery designer.
via an-magritt
....still burning in my memory Paul Klee- Making Visible. Visited last Monday and etched in my mind...visually exhausting and rewarding all at once...
PAUL KLEE Flowers in Glasses 1925. Oil on paper on cardboard.
...such days, when the sun's in a  drawer
and the drawer locked.... the centre of everything, with still pools
of shadows and a fire throwing flowers.
Taken from"February-not everywhere by Norman MacCaig.



  1. Oh, I'm quite envious! How I would love to see the Klee exhibition. His work sings to me. Bromous: thanks for a great new word!

  2. That Paul Klee floral is gorgeous. Might have to get myself along to that x

  3. Last year about this time you taught me the word Ostranenie and now you taught me Brumous.

    Thank you.

  4. Good evening! I come by way of dear Carol from Art an Sand and it is a pleasure to meet with you here! England....ah, what a lovely thought! And such lovely photos you share. I am learning how to take better photos and it is not easy with my fiddle fingers!!!

    Happy week! Anita

  5. Good morning and thank you kindly for coming by! Beauty is like "love"....I believe it can take us a lifetime to look for it, form it and hopefully find it, and while doing so, having a wonderful time doing it.

    HAVE FUN! Anita

  6. Thank you for that word Sarah, it fits the time of year exactly. Yesterday we had sunshine such a beautiful day but today it is back to rain! Brumous is the word today!

  7. Pleased to have found your blog - wonderful post on Maggie Armitage, I hadn't heard of her before. I found you via Great Dixter's facebook page (another big fan here of both Dixter and Perch Hill!). Would love to follow your blog - don't suppose you could pop a 'follow by email' button into your sidebar?

  8. I'm afraid my Klee memory will lower the cultural tone here.
    On holiday many years ago we went into a bar called the Cafe Klee (it was named after the artist) and we watched a splendid drag act I was pulled up on stage to dance along to These Boots were Made for Walking and I also had to pretend to sniff cocaine!
    Lisa x


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